Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunny Saturday

I was getting carried away here. Mr G was snapping away with his new digital SLR which gives a satisfying click with each photo so I was pulling all manner of ridiculous shapes. Worse than my gawky expression is my strange brown nose and patchy cheeks. Lost my Mac Studio Fix a few weeks ago and had to 'improvise' for a while - not good. Sorted now - thankfully.

Top from Mango // Primark skirt with braces // Kill Doll shiny ankle boots // leopard print hair bows from H&M // leopard print cardi stolen from a friend // set of 6 rings from H&M for £1.99! // Topshop nail varnish in Gone Fishing - chipped // fantastic new lightning bolt necklace from Osiris on Queen Street ;)


  1. I have those hair bows too! I love them, so cheap as well! x

  2. Aw I think you look lovely! You brought back memories too... When I was in Glasgow with my Punk Glam Princess, Queen Michelle took her to Osiris. This kid knows now to shop-- she know exactly what she wants, the colours, you name it and walked out purchasing some goodies that even her old mum (me) borrows! I loved their massive selection of nose rings, so hard to find good ones! thanks for the memory!

  3. I lost my estee lauder complete coverage last week. I'm really not sure how to deal with this. I've got an illmasqua foundation that makes me look a bit yellow, a ten day sample of estee launder double wear...somewhere as well as a touch of studio fix. Obviously I am a foundation creep but I mourn for the "fix everything" foundation.


    ps were you at the catty on friday or do you have a glasgow twin?


  4. last pic with chest tattoo and awesome nail polish is my fav!
    anyway, you look fab in all of them!! xx

  5. @ Suzanne, Osiris is a mecca for cheap and cheerful 'alternative' jewellery and clothes. I used to love saving my lunch money and skipping school so that I could spend it in Osiris and shops like it when i was a kid!

    @ Claire, sorry you've lost your foundation too :(
    I must have a doppleganger because I was tucked up in bed on Friday night. But I do miss going to the catty! It's been years...

  6. Those clips are so cute, I wish H n M would come to Melbourne. You look great.

    Sleekit x

  7. Ohhhhh nice nails love the colour,gotta love leopard print.
    At last someone who knows what im talking about in relation to SOA,so many people are usually like "ehhhh?"


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