Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Creature Of Habit

After reading Gala Darling's article on daily routine, I started to think about my own weekday routine and very quickly realised I am, by nature, a creature of habit. Of course, at the weekends, all this goes right out the window!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm
I am a 'morning' person. I can hear the moans and groans from many of you who just don't believe that such a person exists. Sadly, I am one. Since faced with uber-amounts of essay writing to do at Uni (way back when I was but merely 17 years old), I realised very quickly that staying up all night just wasn't my bag. My 'doing' brain begins to falter around 3pm and switches off completely by 5pm. I am most creative and energetic first thing in the morning. Back in the day, I would much rahter hit the sack at 10pm and get at 5am to start writing an essay. I got a kick out of seeing how much work I could complete before any of my flatmates were even awake.
I still follow the same routine to this day. If there's work to be done, whether it's cleaning the house or making a start on a new project, I gotta do it as soon as I get up - preferably so that it's all finished by lunchtime.

I shower every day - never been a bath person - can't stand the idea of soaking in my own filth. Contrarary to 'best practice', I also shampoo my hair every day and condition every second day. I dry brush my skin and use Johnson's baby oil every other day too. I NEVER cleanse or take my make-up off at night. I just rely on the daily shower to solve the panda eye problem.

Getting Ready - Backwards?
Next up, I moisturise my face and apply the daily slap in this order: powder foundation, eye shadow, blusher, liquid liner, kohl, mascara, eyebrow pencil. Blow dry my hair. Grab a cup of tea. Give Mildred Pierce a few cat treats and hit the computer to check blog, google reader, facebook and the daily weather report (I am obsessed with the weather and check at least 3 different sources numerous times a day). After checking weather, I decide which footwear is most suitable to wear and then which jacket/coat. The actual outfit choice is always last - after coat, boots and makeup...
Last, I brush my teeth and add a touch of lippy.

Me Time
I can't face starting work in the office in the morning unless I've had a chance to listen to some choons. My journey to work is 2 bus rides and a 15 minute walk, so I use this time to chill out - on the way to and from work.

At Work
My day at work starts with checking over the list that I made the day before and ends in exactly the same way. I like to 'tick' things off as it makes me feel like I've accomplished things - everything goes on the list from month long projects to remembering to make a dentist appointment. I have porridge when I arrive, a banana and cup of tea at 10.30, lunch no later than 12.30 (I'm a grubber and like to eat!) and another cup of tea and a Tunnock's tea cake at 3.30. A bottle of water is always by my keyboard and I try to drink as much as possible throughout the day. In 2009 I tried to fit in a swim after work at least twice a week. Then the gym prices went up and I did very little exercise - bad me! I promise to try harder this year and not waste time after work trawling the shops.

Back home, it's dinner, TV and/or blogging, time with the cats and Mr G - family time!

Other Little Obsessions
Apart from showering every day and constantly checking the weather forecast, I NEED to get out the house. Although I do like the occasional day lying around, not doing very much, after 24 hours, I start to feel a bit claustraphobic, maybe even guilty? I simply need to get out and do something - even if it's as simple as going to the shop for milk. This, of course, entails showering, applying make-up and getting dressed!

Finally, I never leave the house, return home or go to sleep at night without giving Mr G a kiss x


  1. The words 'morning person' are alien to me! Lol and im with you on the music time before work/college, it just sets you up for the day huh?!

  2. This post really made me smile. Your daily routine is so different from mine, but I love you and your strange early morning, mad ways. xx

  3. Lovely post. I am most definitely not a morning person...i'd like to give it a try, but I think as soon as winter kicks in again i'll go back to my lazy ways, haha.

    "I shower every day - never been a bath person - can't stand the idea of soaking in my own filth." I use that EXACT quote as my explaination for a dislike of baths. Even the word "filth!" Awesome.

    I also need to eat at 12:30, drives me nuts waiting any longer than that.

  4. I'm also a morning person most active from 6-11 am. After that I slowly begin to turn off.

  5. I love showers & baths both. I just really really love warm water.
    Also you must have great skin to not have to wash off your make-up at night! I'd be break-out city if I did that :/


  6. this was so much fu to read through!!
    and finally somebody that is obsessed with weather forecast as much as I am!!!

  7. This makes for great reading - I'm actually obsessed with lists, daily routine schedules, notebooks and holiday packing. I love your routine:). Actually I just love your blog. Period. Can't wait to see you in your Wing shoes, thanks so much for your gorgeous comments. You have a new follower:) xo


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