Wednesday, 12 January 2011


MYKROMAG is "black and white with many shades of grey" and is in print for the very first time.

After making my Sang Bleu 5 purchase the other day, I've become hooked, once again, on works on paper. There's nothing more satisfying than flicking through beautiful images and being able to run your fingers over the page and feel the actual texture of the paper it's printed on.
I'm not going to go back to buying bulk copies of Heat or any other trash-rags out there, but I will be investing in some serious works of art.


  1. absolutely agree
    plus I work mainly in the print I totally fascinated by the feeling that different paper's textures can give you

  2. I feel exactly the same - I want inspiration not 'call to buy'. I've been following Mykromag online - printed? All the better!

  3. i love expensive magazines! I usually love the pics so much i tear them out and stick on my wall then feel bad for spending so much :(


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