Monday, 10 January 2011

Pull Shapes

lilac bandana from Osiris // Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty necklace // George at Asda polo neck top // Topshop pencil skirt // Topshop heart tights // patent creeper boots from Camden Market about 10 years ago

A wee Sunday afternoon outfit. Yesterday I went into town to meet up with a few gal pals to celebrate little Jessica's first birthday. We had coffee and cake and played with all her new toys while she ignored us and chose to wave at every granny that walked past instead -a real wee gem! Can't wait til I can take her shopping to spend all of her daddy's money.

The Topshop skirt was another sale bargain I picked up last week. I have been after a pencil skirt for a while, but it's so far removed from my usual 'shape' of skinnies or leggings that I didn't want to waste a fortune on one. I'm still undecided - what do you think?

Another wee New Year's 'resolution' is to start dressing a little smarter for work. Every winter my daily uniform consists of layers and layers of scraggy jumpers and ill-fitting cardigans -mostly picked up in the mens department of H&M or Primark. My work is moving at the end of March and we'll be sharing a building with another company, so I really wanna try and clean myself up a bit. I'm thinking casual pencil skirts, pussy bow blouses and wee cardigans - not sure about my feet, but I suppose that'll depend on the weather each day...

Yesterday, it was still bone rattling cold, but the sun was out and made me feel a little summery, so here's a wee happy choon to get you all in the mood...


  1. you look amazing missus. the skirt's lovely....more excited about that necklace though


  2. That pencil skirts lovely, it really suits you! And i love your hair in the bandana! .x

  3. That pencil skirt is gorgeous!! It suits you enormously - deffo keep it and wear it often. I'm also rather jealous of your tights!! xx

  4. I absolutely love that skirt on you and that creepers are amazing!
    I totally agree about making an effort to dress smarter at work (I also try but sometimes in the morning I just can't make it :) and I really like the beautiful contrast you get when you dress a bit elegant but you have tats popping out here and there! so underground chic! :)

  5. Really good lighting in that picture. Mr Gaston should be very pleased. Plus you look super hot x

  6. The skirts looks amazing on you. Nice shoes as well.

  7. I likey that Sunday outfit. A friend of mine has outfit days for doing her housework, or going to the supermarket, such as 50s housewife, medieval wench, and many many more. Today, I may homage to her and be 1940s Aviator for my visit to parents for Sunday nosh.


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