Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sang Bleu 5

I was supposed to have my second tattoo session on Friday on my back piece, but when I arrived - all excited - I was told that there had been a mistake and my appointment had been double booked...
Poor lad got really stressed as I whipped out my appointment card with his handwriting scrawled all over it "Friday 7th Jan - 3pm", and protested, "But I've taken the day off work!"
There had been a balls-up and that was that. I've been in the same situation myself when I doubled booked a school visit at work only a few months back. I could feel his discomfort and embarrassment, but I was still pissed at the fact I was not going to get inked that day, so I dug the knife a little deeper and made it awkward for him as he desperately tried to reshuffle things.

"Hmmm.. no... that date doesn't work for me either..."

After about 5 minutes of toying with him I finally relented and we settled on new dates for sessions 2 & 3. Will have to wait a bit longer, but will be worth the wait!

To ease the pain of my missed appointment, I decided to treat myself to a long awaited copy of Sang Bleu 5. Although this volume of the tattoo/art/photography magazine was released last Spring, it's been difficult to track it down online. Everytime it became available, I was hit with big postage fees - it consists of 2 volumes, each about 300 pages long. But, the fantastic new Glasgow magazine shop, GmbH, kindly started to stock it just before Christmas. I popped in on Saturday to take advantage of their 20% New Year discount and snapped up a copy for a mere £19.20. Here are a few snaps of the content. Enjoy!

The first annual Scottish Tattoo Convention will be taking place on 26th & 27th March in Edinburgh. I hope to manage along for one of the days - I'd love to know if any of you are planning to go too?! There's no artist list confirmed yet, but hopefully Miss Valerie Vargas of Frith Street Tattoo in London will make an appearance. You can see her work in the photo above - beautiful.


  1. Really cool pics - never heard about that magazine before. Such a bummer about the appointment. Know the feeling when one has been looking forward to something and then it falls through..

  2. I cannot wait to get a look at your new mags! They look uh-mazing! Aye, I'd be up for the tattoo convention, just depends on the cash situation. xx

  3. What a beautiful mag - you'll be coveting those images for many days to come:). Oh dear I think the salt and grit might scratch your Wings sweetie - daymn!!!!!! xo

  4. bums to your ink cancellation! :(
    mag looks braw. i love the fur and harness outfit the bleached guy is wearing... and the guy with the star tat is really hot! :D

  5. this mag looks killer!! that's shit about your tattoo... but i guess it will be well worth the wait!

  6. I don't wanna even think about my reaction if they mistaken my tat appointment! so bad!!!

    I love Sang Bleu so much, nice to see it posted here!!! It's always good to spread the good work!


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