Friday, 21 January 2011

Shades Down In Tokyo Town

Although it's still bitterly cold outside here in Glasgow, today, the sun has got it's hat on and I'm feeling rather spritely!

I feel I've neglected my blog over the past week or so as I've been snowed under at work - on the computer all day and not feeling up to blogging at night. But, Monday is Baroque Boudoir's first birthday and I have a special GIVEAWAY planned for all of you!

In the meantime, get inspired for spring with these amazing sunglass designs by artisits such Charlie le Mindu, Karolina Kling, Bernard Willhelm, Walter Van Beirendonck and Piers Atkinson. They form part of the Shades Down In Tokyo Town exhibition that was on on display at the Tokyo’s Calm & Punk Gallery last year. The exhibition tours to London, Gothenburg and Stockholm during 2011. Eye hope eye can make it!


  1. I like the red hair/bunchy ones at the top although maybe only nice to look at and not to wear. Happy blog birthday for Montag, here's to more years of lovely writing form you and enjoyable reading for me. Love your bones & your blog. XXX

  2. the top ones are genius!! WOW!!

  3. the glasses and orange bow is interesting .. very futuristic

  4. Love it all espec those drip glasses, mental
    Sleekit x


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