Friday, 28 January 2011

Tattoo Gloves

When I first stumbled upon these tattooed gloves I felt a bit squeamish. I'm thinking "tattooed leather gloves" - have they skinned someone to make these??

Of course not.

They are an art statement by Ellen Greene:

“The Tattooed gloves explore the contrast between two opposing traditions. The vintage leather gloves function as a feminine article of clothing and traditional tattoo as a masculine art-form. The gloves evoke a sense of purity, modesty and formality. In opposition the tattoo can suggest sexual freedom, rebellion and criminality. The tension between the object and the image creates a beauty that is both androgynous and non-traditional.”

Having realised they are a work of art, and not for fashion, I'd really love to own a pair. I'm also obsessing over finger tattoos at the moment. What would you have written across your knuckles??


  1. Wow to these! The first pair is my fave. Haha I'm not sure what I'd get tattooed on my knuckles, but youve defo got me thinking! Have a great weekend gal :) xx

  2. I think I may need a pair. These look fucking astounding x

  3. Those last gloves are amazing! And thanks for following! I really like your blog so I'm following back! :)

  4. I really like these - especially the second pair. Great find!!

  5. have you seen these before?

    I remember seeing them a while back - gorgeous and creepy..

  6. They are quite beautiful, I wouldn't want any real hand tattoos though!

  7. The first ones are definately my favourite! I gave you a blog award my lovely!

  8. @ Smu: They really are creepy! The girl that signed me up for the gym has a love heart implant in her temple. Looks like a huge growth - very disturbing and certainly not attractive...

    @ Aoife: Thank you, my lovely! I'll get onto it today x


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