Friday, 7 January 2011

Tea... So Rock N Roll!

A couple of days ago The Telegraph announced that Dani Filth, lead singer of Black Metal band Cradle of Filth, was voted by the public as Suffolk county's greatest icon.

I was a huge Filth fan back in the mid 90s - my mum even made me a 'wonderful' black crushed velvet cloak to wear to my first gig (I can see Miss Lou recoiling in fear at the mere mention of crushed velvet...) and was delighted to hear the news. I had no idea he was from Suffolk. In fact, I'm not entirely sure where Suffolk is either. I know it's in the south of England, but can any of you out there name any other 'Suffolk Icons'?? Pretty ridiculous concept to begin with. Apparently the little evil sex imp received 13 025 votes, pissing on the face of other candidates such as Brian Eno and Sir Bobby Robson who apparently managed Ipswich Town's FA Cup and UEFA Cup winning teams (??)

In true democratic style, the 'judges' have dropped Dani from the final shortlist, ignoring the public's choice and will instead pick the winner from a list of "icons which had a wider currency outside the borders of Suffolk" such as the internationally reknown images of "beach huts, Woodbridge Tide Mill and Ipswich Waterfront" which, of course, we are all so familiar with...

If the judges had bothered to Google wee Dani and his band of blood brothers, they might have stumbled upon this heart warming snippet from the 1998 BBC TV series 'Living With The Enemy', and not been so quick to dismiss him as 'filth'. In this episode, two mums who fear for their sons' Filth loving sanity, go on tour with the band. At the end of the programme we see the band sipping cups of tea and the mums describing them as "just soppy big lads" whose own mums hate the tshirts just as much as they do. Aawww.....


  1. As the wife of a rock musician i can only agree with the mums about the "soppy big lads" part!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend from Norway

  2. I never got into Cradle of Filth, but always loved the artwork. How pathetic that they dropped him from the list.

  3. Oh Dani....... if only you werent 4 feet tall...... that fucking sucks that he got dropped from the final shortlist. They only did it because they knew he would win! And i would be eternally embarrassed if my mam went on tour with COF!

  4. AHHHHHH this is so funny!!! Im totally FROM Suffolk!!!! And yeah I dont think I could name any other suffolk icons.... Benjamin Britton?

    Anyway this is SO typical of crap old suffolk to remove him from the shortlist, a few years ago I had a piece of artwork in the council headquarters building and it got removed because it said the word 'pikeys' on it. (I wont bore you with the details but the piece was basically 100 images of people holding up signs which they wrote their fears on, I made it for like, my A levels). Anyway yeah suffolk is so lame is the moral of the story.

  5. I live in Suffolk! How funny lol?! I wasn't born here though but I've lived here since I was 2:)
    I would say The Darkness and Bob Hoskins are other 'Suffolk Icons'. The Darkness are from my local town (Lowestoft. It's awful! Did you see the 2nd series of School of Rock with Gene Simmons? That's Lowestoft!) and Bob Hoskins was born in Bury St Edmunds (another Suffolk town). Also Suffolk is right on the edge of what I call "Britain's pregnancy bump":) Lowestoft is apparently Britain's most easterly town. Also Charles Dickens' novel 'David Copperfield' starts in Suffolk just before he runs away to London.

    Anyway on a different note lol, my wedding is the 5th November:) So excited!


  6. Ive got one of their albums i cant remember what its called but its got that song on it "the ghost in the fog" omg that takes me WAAYYYYY back! haha


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