Sunday, 2 January 2011

UHU Gareth Pugh!

turquoise cosply wig // Primark tiara // Zana Bayne 3-wing shoulder piece // striped dress from Internationale - worn as top // vintage leather skirt // studded braces from H&M worn crossed over // Tatty Devine cat bangle // monochrome tights from a joke shop // fake Gareth Pugh wedges

Anja Rubik wearing Gareth Pugh

Me with sad face on, clutching my Rachel Stamp coloured vinyl that I'd brought along especially as I was missing their New Year's Eve gig in London.

Spinning 'Black Cherry' by Rachel Stamp - although I needn't have brought it - party host and music maestro extrordinaire, Alistair, had kindly downloaded me some choons and played them just after the bells - what a star!!

Hmmm... looking a little worse for wear and like a reject from a Japanese pop band - but who can resist slinging on a white bass with leopard print strap??

Me and my gal Lou x

Hope you all had a fantastic New Year - whether you were out partying like it was 1999 or snuggled up on the couch. Best wishes for 2011 xxx


    Gotta go big or go home, right??
    I love your look, girl! The haircolor
    looks really great on you! (yeah cosply!)
    That photo of Anja in the entire Pugh
    look always kills me. So good.
    Happy new year! xo

  2. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a great time! Nice shoes too!

  3. You look awesome as ever! Fantastic night and I'm glad I brought the bells in with you - you were my first cuddle of 2011! Love your bones. xxx

  4. Im telling you, turquoise hair is definately the way to go if not orange!

  5. Happy New Year, loving the wedges and tight combo, magic x

    Sleekit x

  6. Rock on and happy new year!!

  7. you are a superastar lady!!!
    love everything ...wings, wig, wedges, tights...everything!!!
    you definitely started with a bang!

  8. Cheers ladies! I'd been saving up all these elements for over a month - so glad they actually worked together - otherwise I would have been partying in my pyjamas!


  9. you look amazing....studded braces, leather skirt and shoulder piece. YES SO HARD. you look amaze x

  10. I need to stop putting off buying a zana bayne harness, they are too cool. And this is a most awesome outfit, yip.


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