Friday, 4 March 2011

Friday Finds

Every morning on the way to work it's the same daily routine... Hop on the 44 bus into town, weigh up whether I have time/cash to grab a quick, small 1/2 shot mocha from Esquires Coffee House, before jumping on the 62 out the west end. This happens every Monday to Friday. BUT, last week I started work at 1pm on SATURDAY. Who knew there were so many quirky little shops hidden behind normally closed shutters?! Out the corner of my eye one little shop front caught my attention: "The Shop of Interest..."

Yes! I thought, I am interested...

So, on Wednesday evening after work I made the point of walking a few bus stops further than normal to check out what little things of interest might be lurking behind the shutters. Here are a few of the things I found:

 silk scarves, kimonos and cusions by Morag Macpherson

Queen of Hearts ring by Rentaro Nishimura

Hand painted sailor matryoshka dolls by Hole In My Pocket

Punk mugs

Thoriac necklace


  1. The thoriac necklace, I want it!

  2. Great post!New follower on Bloglovin! I hope that become my follower too.

  3. i love the little shop of interests. i always pass it when walking back from the boys. welcome home used to be up the west end and is a bit of a firm favourite. it's moving to the cca now. colour me excited! xx

  4. The mug? Fucking awesome!!
    Love your bones. xx

  5. Oh, the image of the necklace just loaded up. I need to have this in my life - the necklace has a spine!! OMG, like actually, OMG!

  6. I live just round the corner, always popping in to see what new treas they have. there are some fab little places down this way :) xxx

  7. Love the mug and the necklace!! Wonder if they have a website?!

  8. Online shop linky-link:

  9. I would love a mug like that! happy weekend to you!

  10. oh the necklace is so great!! and the punk mugs too!
    awesome shop, I wish I was there to pop in and have a look in person!

  11. Is this down the west end? Amazing! :) thank you for sharing, I love little places like that xx


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