Thursday, 31 March 2011

Things I Love (and Loathe) Thursday

Things What I LOVE...
  1. Still obsessing over this ideal combination - bright orange and blue. Wish my hair was this colour! Stole this picture from Kirsty. I have a great blue Lipglass from MAC that I've yet to experiment with properly. Perhaps tomorrow's night's Hot Mess Club in Edinburgh will be the place??
  2. My new iPhone apps: Instagram - a super easy to use photo sharing device with lots of cute filters. Good for when you're on the go and bored. I'm baroque_boudoir of anyone wants to add me! Next up is mappiness - basically a a research project at the London School of Economics whereby participants receive alerts to their phone throughout the day and have to answer a few basic questions about how happy they feel at that present moment in time. Quirky, and makes me feel special when I hear the beep! Sure I'll get bored of it soon though...
  3. Welsh accents. I watched a whole episode of Don't Tell The Bride last night just because the couple had really cute welsh accents. Maybe it's a throw-back to my Manic Street Preachers-loving days, who knows, but I just can't get enough of the Welsh twang. Bootiful!
  4. Munching on Rice Crispie Squares - nom, nom, nom
  5. Being cured by Boots Max Strength Cold and Flu. A few people commented on my post yesterday that Lemsip (and it's cheap Boots knock-off) are not available outside the UK. You poor souls! I've took my full days dose yesterday, which includes a night-time dose with sleep aid, and another few today and I feel 100 times better! It NEVER fails me. On the flip side, folks outside the UK can easily get their mitts on Advil PMs - a god-send for anyone who suffers from sleepless nights and doesn't want to feel like a zombie the next morning - like Night Nurse - which knocks me out for 12 hours straight and takes me about 2 days to really wake up from again.
  6. Looking for a suitably geeky new tattoo? How about one in Quick Response Code? Apparently Levi Smith from The Jade Monkey Tattoo in Phoenix, Arizona is ahead of the game:
Things What I LOATHE...
wind that totally rapes your hair // eating noodles while watching TV with your specs on - steamy // not having enough hours in the day to get through all the wonderful updates on my Google Reader :-(


  1. blue and orange is always a winner combo. am looking forward to returning to blonde as feel like a world of make-up will be re-opened to me. i'm aware i will loose half my hair in the process...but it will be worth it so. blue lipgloss sounds like a winner by the do welsh accents and rice crispy squares.
    glasses are the worst for steaming up with everything. terrible with rain, terrible coming in to somewhere warm when it's eyes lasered seems like valid option.
    yes to having the sample...will mind to bring it along. if city centre based fancy walking to blythswood together? (i have the fear that en route will see people will recognise from online and will be that akward...uh, do i talk to you...quicken my pace or slow down so it's now weird.)

  2. Blue and orange is the very best colour combination, ever! My old pal had blue hair and when she wore a wide, orange hairband it looked absolutely super. Maybe your hair will lighten/brighten the longer you keep it ginger, and then you could use a semi-perm bright orange rinse or something to get it as bright as the picture?
    Does Night Nurse actually knock you out? I think it might be the only non-prescription sleeping aid I haven't yet tried, they rest barely make me dozy :(

  3. ha, sadly that steamy noodle and spec scenario is something i'm much too familiar with!

  4. 'eating noodles while watching TV with your specs on - steamy'

    And soup :( Lame. I love Welsh accents too - I love it in Superdrug when Joanna Page comes on the tannoy!

  5. wow that picture is really amazing! orange with blue is really cool!

  6. Great post missus, would love to see you maybe do a weekly or monthly Love and Loath update! :) I'm defs with ya on the welsh accents and rice crispy squares, nom xx

  7. Loving your blog. And yes that hair color is rad. Fun w/the blue lips too. Glad you are feeling better!

  8. Haha, just seen this innit - LOVE that combo too, totally transfixed by that photo. If anyone can pull off this look you can! xx


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