Thursday, 3 March 2011

Things I Love (and Loathe) Thursday

Things What I LOVE...
  1. Let's kick off with this shot of many colours that I discovered over on Swallow Glitter. This week I'm loving mustard yellow, acid green and bright blues. A heady mix, but I think it fits the brilliant sunshine we've had all week here in Glesga.
  2. The same blue cropping up in Gareth Pugh's A/W 11/12 ready-to-wear collection *squeal*

  3. Just as I was scraping together my last pennies before payday for some cat food, something shiny and inviting caught my eye - Half Price Quality Street!! A whole box for a mere 2 squid! On returning home with my box of delights, Mr G announced that he wasn't really keen on Quality Street... You're not? What a shame... all the more for ME! This week it's Cadbury's Milk Tray. What's your favourite fancy chocs?
  4. Being paid early!! Got paid on Saturday instead of Monday so treated myself to a wee afternoon at the shops on Sunday.
  5. I was very good and only picked up 2 new items during my mini-spree: my new favourite scarf, cashmere mix reduced to only £7 from TK Maxx and a new cargi from H&M

  6. These shark tooth drop earrings with 70% off! Bargain bootylicious!
  7. Choosing an outfit for this Saturday's packed schedule: Bold Souls @ the Sub Club followed by a vintage jumble sale at the Captain's Rest then on to The Halt Bar for Solid Gold Safari - woo hoo!!

Things What I LOATHE...

Not having pierced ears, so I can't wear the shark tooth earrings // getting bargain Quality Street toffee pennies stuck to my tongue stud // untaffling earphones // my *hideous* roots - bring on 18th March - NEW 'DO DAY!


  1. bold souls - actually can't wait. will be nice and relaxted and wonderful.
    yellow and blues and greens always make my heart a flutter...and cheap quality street - point me in the right direction, i feel like tearing my teeth up xox

  2. My favourite box-of-chocs chocs are these Ferrero Rocher that you get in Europe and they're all fruit/nut flavours! They have a pistachio one that is the shizzle! Love those shark earrings - there's a seller on Etsy who has mink jawbone earrings but I'm scared of the PETA brigade even though they're made from roadkill :S

  3. Amazing post, love it!

  4. A customer handed in a box of Cadbury's Roses to the shop and now that all the best ones are gone (only the fruit creme ones remain) I'm now convinced that Quality Street offer a far superior selection. Nom Nom Nom.
    Looking forward to Saturady's outfit post! xx

  5. I love Lindt Balls and Roses - and I'm not sharing!!;) Your weekend sounds like it's going to be amazing - Bold Souls and the jumble - waaaaaah!! I'm in LOVE with your new scarf - a mix of paisley and leopard-print *sigh*. x

  6. @Robyn - They have all different flavoured Ferrero Rocher in Europe??!! I NEED to try these!

    It's coffee break time now - must hunt out some chocolate...

  7. Do what my granny does and wear the earrings as a brooch instead! Sounds crazy, but it can look very nice.
    I thin I might pop by that jumble sale, sounds awesome!

  8. The green and blue look great together. I may have to track down some green jewellery to go with a bright blue shirt I have now.
    Seriously though, who doesn't like Quality Street!?!
    I'm very excited to see your new hair. it sounds like it's going to be incredible.

  9. Into anything citrus and acid at the mo and could murder a half price Quality Street, very cute post lady

    sleekit x


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