Monday, 16 May 2011


My roots were in bad need of attention so I popped into Sally Hair Services on Saturday afternoon and picked up some L'Oreal Majicontrast in Pure Copper. This range came highly recommended by a pal with fantastic red hair, so I figured I couldn't really go wrong with their 'orangey' shade.

There's no need to pre-lighten your hair as you simply mix the colour with some peroxide. I opted for the mildest strength (6%) as my natural hair colour is quite fair (I think).

Smooshed it all together and it went a really promising shade of orange! Slapped it on, roots first and then just rubbed it all the way through the rest. Kept it on for the recommended 35 minutes and rinsed.

Voila! Freakin' brilliant ORANGE hair!! This is the colour I've been craving and I'm over the moon. Majicontrast is a dream to use - I couldn't recommend it enough! It comes in varying shades of red, something for everyone. And, because it's for use in salons, you can add different toners etc to get your perfect shade.

A wee close up closing shot ;)


  1. I just found out about Majicontrast yesterday and was looking everywhere for a picture of the result of the copper colour but couldn't find one. Your post couldn't have come at a better time! I think I might try the pure copper mixed with a red cause I really want an inbetween-y red/orange colour.
    Your hair looks amazing by the way!

  2. WOW! :) Really pretty, its so vibrant as well. My mum is a hairdresser and I used to love wandering about Sallys/Salon Services with her xx

  3. Ive got plum through my hair right now and its getting dull i'll need to go check this out!

  4. oh this looks fabulous! perfect result hun, better than the hairdresser I think.
    I'm thinking myself to brighten up my dark red because of the summer coming but I didn't find any product that looked promising enough till now...this one seems perfect, I should check all the other red shades!

  5. WOW! This colour is amazing, I love it! x

  6. wow this is uber-bright! a perfect orange colour, it looks fantastic xx

  7. YAY!!!! it's orange!! awesome!!

  8. Hi, I want the same orange hair.. But my actual color is dark brown.. Please, how looked your hair before? Please, contact me! (
    Thank you so much!! :3
    BTW: I'm sorry for my bad english -_-

  9. Hi,

    i was wondering if you could tell me what the name of the colour was on the bottom of the box. I order pure copper off and ebay seller and i think they just sent me copper.



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