Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Guy, Robin

Topshop leather jacket // Illustrated People bondage bambi t-shirt // H&M leggings // DMs with neon leopard print laces (gift from Spinal Lou) // bracelet a gift // bandana from Osiris // Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty necklace

Friday night, Glasgow Cathouse. Front row to see the mighty Tigertailz in action. Well, if truth be told, I was actually there to see their drummer, Mr Robin Guy, do his thang:

Been a Robin fan (dare I say 'groupie'?) for about 15 years. Saw him for the first time in the Cathouse in 1996 playing with Rachel Stamp and I was hooked. Friday night was no different. Insisted we follow him back to the merch stand and queued to get my bandana signed and photo taken (I'd brought a marker pen with me, but apparently it was shit). Can you imagine my delight when he said 'allo Lisa!' Robin knows my name!!!!! I could feel my 15 year old self explode with excitement! Is ok for a 30 year old to behave in this way? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is it made my freakin day and I came home with my signed bandana, used drumstick and a deaf right ear (stood next to the speakers and the 'tailz turned it up to 11!).

Thanks to Gill (my long standing partner in crime) for taking the photos of me and Robin and for the video x

Tell me your tales of hanging around after gigs for your favourite bands - would you still do it? Surely I'm not the only nutter out there??

Cathouse 1999

Edinburgh Venue 1999 - the night after the photo above

Cathouse, 30th April 2000 (guitarist Will's birthday - on the right)

Tigertailz, back in the day!


  1. I always love your outfits so much! And you two look like old friends in the second picture!

  2. I was discussing this just the other day ;)
    We were within an inch of going to the after show party on friday night.. but in the end we couldn't and I think we were both glad because we were really swithery about whether we would want to or not. I'd totally have no problem hanging about a stage door waiting for Lady Gaga because she's a MEGASTAR and you could garauntee I wouldn't be the biggest nutter there - but with some other people I don't know I feel like I would just end up making a titi of myself in a bad way? Who knows.. I can't trust myself though!! haaaahaa

  3. Your style is hot, a very refreshing change!

    Helen, X


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