Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Pink Room

white bat wing blouse, pleather trousers and headscarf all from New Look // black Stargazer lippy // Jeffrey Campbell shoes // weird smug look courtesy of the rum and ginger beer in my hand

Me and Mr Ser

Friday night we were invited to a secret location to party in The Pink Room. We drank, we danced, we took silly photos, we hid in the bedroom when the police arrived and I'm still recovering. Getting too old for all this malarkey. 

How was your weekend? Did you watch the wedding? I sat in my jammies with my tiara on my head and ate the last half of my easter egg. I only cried once - well, maybe twice... Love a good wedding! Got my wee cousin's next year and maybe even my wee brother's - he proposed on Easter Monday! Congratulations Sam and Laura xxx


  1. Looking awesome! Glad I'm not the only one who watched the wedding crying, in PJs with junk food! My boyfriend called me 'tragic,' which I think is a bit rude/

  2. I love your outfit!! The wedding was wonderful, I watched it with my mom while she wished I married a prince too hahah

  3. You look utterly hot in your pants and shoes!!! I love the black lippy and scarf - sounds like a great night out:))). The wedding? I just saw the end bit when they were about to sign the register - very, very impressed with the dress:))xo

  4. You look hot in Pink, love the troosers

    Sleekit x


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