Friday, 13 May 2011

Things I Love (and Loathe) Thursday

Things What I LOVE...
  1. My love of Xoil Loic's artwork is well documented, however, I couldn't resist posting this new piece. It popped up on the Needles Side Tattoo Facebook page on Tuesday, a mere 3 days before I go back under the needle to have my peacock design finished (Friday the 13th!). My peacock was a gift from all friends and family for my 30th birthday. We celebrated my 30th with a masked ball. This tattoo sums me up quite nicely. If anyone in the UK fancies a one of kind Xoil tattoo, he's in the UK in August and still taking bookings. Visit his facebook to make an appointment. Wish it was me, but I'm running out of space and cash... Next time Xoil, next time!
  2. Mr G and I watch a lot of telly - A LOT. Top of the pops at the moment is Game of Thrones. It's a kinda middle ages/fantasy drama - all kings and swords and rampant love making. What more do you want from a show? I kinda like to know what's going on and GoT is one of those shows where I pester the hell out of Mr G every 5 minutes asking 'what's going on?', 'who's he??' I just can't keep up. To help me along the way (and stop my hellishly frustrating questions) Mr G sent me this helpful wee link to character descriptions. That's my lunch breaks sorted for the next month! What's your favourite shows just now?
  3. I've got four stonkingly good gigs lined up over the next few months: two durty, sleazy, glam metal nights before the end of May: homegrown superstars Tragic City Thieves and the mighty Tigertailz. Then July kicks off with full throttle industrial nonsense, Combichrist, before culminating in an an evening with goth royalty, The Sisters of Mercy. Every time I lift my arms a sneaky wee devil sign escapes...
  4. Cos my work's been really stressful lately, and because I'm basically a lazy, greedy cow, I've been munching my way through bags loads of 'pre grated' cheddar - yup - that's right - cheese with all the hard work done for you! Simply unzip the bag and sprinkle/pour directly onto your beans on toast. A quick splash of tobasco and there you have it - a hearty meal in (literally) 2 minutes. If this doesn't satiate you, next step reach for the tub of 'Cream O' Galloway' Caramel Shortbread ice-cream. Now, I'm actually not a very big ice-cream fan, BUT, this little pot of gold is simply divine - so utterly over indulgent and naughty! And I've just discovered that they have a visitor centre!! Mental...

All the little things...
Twitter - little bit obsessed, but still enjoying it - follow me to get nonsense ramblings about all of the above and numerous photos of my cats // Hapify - savour the things that make you feel good // Metcheck - best online weather forecast that helps keep my weather obsession under control - it tells you exactly what percentage of cloud coverage you can expect at any time of the day - YAASSSS! // stealing Mr G's pizza crusts - they don't count as calories cos they're not on my plate

Things What I LOATHE...

DEADLINES - stress city // my serious lack of motivation to get fit - throwing cash away on a gym membership I've hardly used since February. Need to book a holiday - that'll help // scrubbing black mould off the walls at work // my addiction to Eastenders. It's shit, and yet night after night I can't seem to pull myself away...


  1. That peacock/masquerade piece is amazing! It definitely is your thing! And Game Of Thrones has me hooked too, love all that LOTR stuff, Jason Momoa/Khal Drogo currently has me all hot and bothered, but I love the story line too.... Totally.

  2. That ice cream sounds absolutely amazing, I am going to need to get myself some of that! Cheesy beans on toast is one of my favourite dinners - we are having cheesy beans on potato waffles tonight; yum!

  3. this is soooo truly great.
    Hope you'll pass by my blog and follow.

  4. Ooooh hope your tattoo sitting goes well miss :) thats been a fair few sittings eh, you're awfy brave! That ice cream sounds amazing, and I am a bit of a cheese fiend too. xx

  5. this is so inspirational and great! I heart you're blog.
    Maybe you'll pass by mine and follow too?

  6. I'm curious -- why do you write about the things you loathe? Isn't it counterproductive with what's listed above?

  7. Sharon not everything in life is all roses and bunnies so youve got to take the good with the bad,i love these sort of posts it shows Mrs G isnt one dimensional.
    And how the hell did i not know Combichrist were coming ppppft lol
    Hope your doing good!


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