Thursday, 16 June 2011

Skinny And Boney

The 6 year old me was OBSESSED with My Little Pony. They decorated the curtains, the bedspread, the lampshades, the rug, the handmade dressing table cover, you name it, it was plastered in ponies. Applejack was my first pony and instantly became my favourite. She was orange with a yellow mane and a bit of a tomboy (or so I imagined).

For Christmas I was given the My Little Pony Castle. And who lived in the castle? Why Majesty, of course! Majesty was a unicorn. Nuff said. Applejack could get tae fuck. What pony could compete with a unicorn?!

One with a BLACK unicorn, eyeliner, inverted cross and lightning bolt, of course!
This wee diva is courtesy of my gal pal Smu. How awesome is she??

And if the illustration wasn't enough, she's only gone and designed these fantastic tshirts too! So clippety-clop on over here to snap one up for yourself.

This post was inspired by the new My Little Pony cartoon, Friendship is Magic, introduced to me by Mr G after a night out and described as something along the lines of the Powerpuff Girls on acid. Saccharine sweet, but sickeningly good. Here's episode 20 featuring Majesty's 21st century equivalent, Rarity and a a fucked up paparazzi pony who appears to be the love child of Lady Gaga and Andre Leon Talley.

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  1. I love that shirt! 6 year old you and 6 year old me would have got on very well. Bow Tie was my first pony - I had Apple Jack and Majesty too.

  2. applejack can get tae fuck hahahaha! after you said that I scrolled up and poor applejack looks dejected! x

  3. you are bringing back memories lady...♥

  4. aw man I love my little pony!!

  5. Aaaah this is awesome! Have not seen anything my little pony in so long so this was a real blast from the past :) but your friends pony is so bad ass, should have been in the real show! xx

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