Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Future Is Bright...

dress by mbyM // Primark tiara // black lipstick by Stargazer // black nail polish by Barry M // Disaya OOPS bangle (gift from Auntie Ang) // Kenneth Jay Lane bee ring // Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Pink Head necklace // Sugar Mafia pink lips necklace (also a gift from Auntie Ang)

It's the weekend!! Yesterday was the first Saturday in months that really felt like a proper day off. I slept in until 10.30am - a very rare occurrence for me, I'm usually up with lark, even on weekends. I spent the rest of the morning eating toast and drinking cups of tea, watching Style the Nation and dying my hair.

By the time 1 o'clock came around, I was back on the couch with another cup of tea, waiting for Rafa Nadal to step out onto Court number 1. Watched him thrash his opponent whilst painting my nails. By 3pm I was feeling peckish again and Mr G suggested we head out for some lunch. Next up,  a two course feast at The Ivory before heading home just in time to settle down for Novak Djokovic's match on Centre Court - sweet. Ducked out during the second set to throw on my glad rags in anticipation of a pal's birthday bash at the local bowling club. Stood in the middle of the living room squealing in delight at the telly as wee Novak fought his way into the 4th round 2 minutes before Auntie Angela and Scotty Boy pulled up outside to give us a lift along to the bowling club just after 8pm.

Drank pints of cider and black, blethered to Auntie Ang for 4 hours,  had a wee dance and headed back home with the wondrous Sergio and Simonotron for a wee nightcap before hitting the hay at the very respectable time of 2am. Slept like an old content cat and have spent today slumming it on the couch watching last night's Casualty and back to back episodes of ER. Rock on!


  1. Aww you look fab, that dress is gorgeous! I love ER too ;)

  2. Your hair looks AMAZING here! It's so big and bright!

  3. Wimbledon eh, aw strawberries and cream and the taste of summer

    You look fabulous as always, cute accessories

    Sleekit x

  4. absolutely LOVE your hair!

  5. Sounds like the perfect day off!

  6. Sounds like the perfect lazy Saturday! Your hair gets more fantastic with each new photo! LOVE it!

  7. loving the hair against the bright blue wall....fierce as always....

  8. you always have the best outfits gorgeous. nice jewellery as per xx

  9. what gorgeous accessories! LOVE your bright hair!

    XO Sahra

  10. You look great! And reminded me to dig out my tiara too! :)


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