Friday, 24 June 2011

Springwatch Manics Madness

This one's for all my fellow Manic Street Preachers fans out there.

Springwatch is a  BBC wildlife programme hosted by a bunch of enthusiasts including Chris Packham (Jenny Packham's brother). I remember Chris back in the day when he used to present the Really Wild Show for kids - he had bleached hair and was always a bit of a punk. His love of music filters through everything he does and a few years ago he began surreptitiouslydropping song titles from his favourite bands into Springwatch conversations - genius! This year he chose the Manics. See how many you can spot!

Thanks to Moggie Boy for the link x


  1. "It's a design for life!" I love this, it's brilliant, I used to watch him on the Really Wild Show too!

  2. never seen this guy before. :p

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  4. Haha it's awesome isn't it. I have a bit of a thing for Packham, I adore Springwatch and am obsessed with the Manics. I love how some of them don't even make sense!
    Rebecca xx

  5. I'm thinking of making his Cure one up from last year's series, will send you the link when(!) I'm done...


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