Monday, 17 October 2011

Frye It In Butter

So it's winter boot season - ya dancer! Best time of year as far as I'm concerned. These are top of my list: Frye Veronica Slouch in Butter. But they're a wee bitty on the expensive side at £280...

These are a close contender: Kurt Geiger Vincent in Tan at a mere half the price, £140. But will I get the quality? Will I pull them on every morning and sigh, "wish you were Frye"? I need some advice! Do any of you own a pair of Frye's- are they worth the extra dosh?


  1. I love Frye boots. I used to work in Schuh and my biggest regret was never getting a pair when they stocked them - they look fantastic. They are expensive but I am imagine their cost-per-wear would be good?!

    Caz x

  2. Cracking boots & like Carol mentioned "their cost-per-wear would be good"'d wear these babies for years to come...x

  3. The Kurt Geigers don't appear to have any grip, so probably wouldn't be much use in a Scottish winter. I'd go for the Frye's, they are lovely!

  4. Back in the 70s I bought a pair of Frye boots, and they wore like iron. I still have them! The only difference in style to the ones you posted is that mine don't have the strap. I've no idea if the quality is the same, but judging that they're still popular I would suspect so. I love the KG ones as well, though they give off more of a cowboy boot vibe, and Most cowboy boots are really built to take a beating!

  5. I'm a great fan of Frye Boots the very first time i started using them was in 2005 ever since then I'm obsessed with them and they fit me so well.

  6. Ive got similar boots rather lighter but same style,theyre not KG though theyre New Look for a fiver lol


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