Monday, 3 October 2011

A Wee (S)Troll In the Park

It's me and Mr G's 3rd Anniversary today and as a treat, my mum and dad took us out for Sunday lunch yesterday. When they arrived at the restaurant my mum was carrying what looked like a deformed child in her arms - my favourite Dam troll!! She'd been clearing out the loft and had come across a bin bag full of my old troll and Pound Puppy collections! Like I said in my last post - I was never a Barbie fan - too pretty. I preferred the ugly little faces and coloured hair of the trolls. Had about 40 in total. The one in the photo was the largest and by far my favourite. She's actually wearing a dress that belonged to me as a baby. How uncanny is the resemblance??! Orange hair, brown eyes and a pale blue frilly dress... creepy as fuck! After lunch Mr G and I couldn't help but take some scary photos in the park.

Glasgow's heatwave: kinda muggy but damp.

OMG I have more wrinkles than the troll... The number (806) on her foot is a limited edition number. Wonder if she's actually worth anything?...

Warehouse army jacket // leopard print tights from somewhere // obligatory DMs // denim dress from Primark // Vivienne Westwood necklace // TK Maxx studded leather bag


  1. hahah that troll is brilliant and I am in love with that bag. love a bit of tktk to brighten my day x

  2. Both you and the troll look great :)

    I love trolls too :P

  3. How awesome!!! I had loads of trolls too and my favourite one was a xmas one that had a red all in one with white trimming and a little bum flap haha! Ah they don't make toys like they used to :) xx

  4. OMG I was OBSESSED with DAM trolls, I would love to find all mine, they must be in the loft somewhere. My favourite was a clown one, but I loved them all. I even had my mum take me to antique markets to find vintage ones - hmm I guess things havent changed too much over the years! Oh I am dying to see them, will let you know if I can persuade anyone to go rummaging around in my loft!

  5. your outfit is fab, the tights are amazing and I love a good denim pinafore dress :)
    So weird that the doll looks like you!

  6. Thats too funny haha it was like meant to be wow maybe it was in your subconcious to dress like your troll i love it haha,great look though darling you rock orange hair and denim dress very well.


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