Monday, 28 November 2011

Dying To Be Orange Again

Check those wrinkles! I was wearing my gifted Russian hat until Mr G exclaimed "you look like a licorice allsort..." *extended pause* "The nice ones! The tasty ones!"... Changed into my new ASOS turban instead. Not cold enough for the Russians just yet!

Finally plucked up the courage to dye my hair in our new WHITE bathroom - so far, so good. Used some tile sealant from B&Q - last thing we want when we go to sell the flat is piss yellow stains running down the tiles...

ASOS knitted turban // Label Lab wax trenchcoat // Loreal Majicontrast hair dye in Pure Copper // Primark cosy tights // fake Burberry boots from TK Maxx - been lusting after these for nearly 2 years and couldn't believe my luck when I spotted them on the TK Maxx site for a mere £60!

Primark dress (from this time last year) // cosy Primark tights // Vivienne Westwood choker

Would you believe that this time last year the snow had come down? And here I am standing outside in nothing but a dress and tights - mental. I hope it snows again this year - I bought a fantastic sheepskin coat! It weighs an absolute tonne and unless it's minus 5 outside, I'll boil alive.


  1. I love your orange hair, I wish that colour would suit me cos it's really unusual!

  2. ow my god, i totally love your hair!!


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  4. Your hair looks great that colour. I also love the knitted turban, I really want one now :) xx


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