Friday, 23 March 2012

More Flowers...

I've fallen way behind with my floristry updates but that's partly because I've been spending my spare time actually doing arrangements for other people - yay! The photo above is from my last official class - a modern arrangement with aspidistra leaves, pink anthuriums, hard ruscus, steel grass and some silver brunei - expertly chosen for me by the wondrous Di from Roots and Fruits ;-)

I definitely enjoy working with foliage as much as flowers. I like the structural nature of leaves. And I just love the colour green.

This was a 'country cottage' style handtie that put together for a friend (and colleague's) birthday. This was a bit rushed and I wasn't too pleased with the outcome, but I still totally loved doing it!

On the train to visit my mum and my mum-in-law. Two spring handties snuggled together on the seat next to me. Unfortunately this is the only photo I took of them - duh!

Floristry class week 5. A table centrepiece. I was pretty pleased with myself when I took this photo in the classroom. Then I got home, plopped it down on my dining table, clocked it from a distance and noticed that I'd left a huge gap between the flowers and the bottom row of foliage. Need to stand further back when I'm arranging in oasis - lesson learned.

Last, but not least, my most recent creation - a corsage for Miss Lou to wear to her cousin's wedding last weekend and a spare buttonhole - cause I had a left over rose bud and an extra 15 minutes. Was quite pleased with the actual arrangement until I tried to attach it to the corsage bracelet - what a pain in the arse!! It just flopped about everywhere and felt really uncomfortable to wear. I tried watching YouTube videos to check if I was doing the right thing, but it was too hard to make out. Anyone got any tips?? In the end I just whipped out the old glue gun (another awesome trick of the trade from Di!)

I have my own cousin's wedding coming up at the end of the month and have promised corsages/buttonholes to various family members. More practice! Yay!


  1. this looks like making art to me!

  2. Easter greetings from Canada! Your antherium arrangement is exquisite! Cheers.


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