Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Caped Crusader

Sunday afternoon in the park. Picked up this cute-as-a-button spring cape from ASOS for a bargainous £21. Was planning to wear it on Saturday with my floral trousers (featured here) but the cacophony of colour was a bit much for Mr G's slightly delicate, hungover eyes. So instead, I kept it simple for a leisurely stroll over to Shawlands on Sunday afternoon.

Cape from ASOS // ancient Primark cardi (stolen from a friend about 4 years ago) // Topshop Pippa jeans - my favourite style - why do they not exist anymore??? // TK Maxx bag // Pierrot et Coco bag containing a very special wedding gift for my cousin // London Fog from Beanscene // Blowfish boots

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  1. So cute, great colour and what a bargain, I just posted in the park too!

    Sleekit x


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