Monday, 19 March 2012

A Photo An Hour

Saturday, 8.00am. Up with the lark, so a much needed cuppa to start the day.

It's been a while, hasn't it? I guess this is what folk mean when they say that real life gets in the way. It certainly has, but in a good way. My dad is FINALLY home from Malta and well on his way to recovery - thanks to everyone for their support. I've been busying myself with floral arrangements for family and friends and Mr G and I have been busying ourselves getting the house ready to sell. So, I thought I'd get myself back into blogging again with a wee 'photo an hour' challenge. Saturday was jam-packed with loads of exciting things, so I figured it was a good day to start with. No one wants to see a photo an hour of me at my desk at work...

9.00am. Wiring roses and 'alien' veronica for Miss Lou's corsage.

10.00am. Ta-da! Took me almost an hour. Need to get quicker at this.

11.00am. A well earned break. Tea with toast and jam and peanut butter. A staple in our house. Note that the peanut butter MUST be crunchy!

12 noon. A quick jaunt to the post office to send my Ted Baker dress to it's new owner. 

1.00pm. Sticking to the floral theme and enjoying what felt like the first day of spring.
Jacket and floral trousers from Primark // top is Giles Gold for New Look // bag is about 3 years old from TK Maxx // boots are a good 12 years old from Shelleys

2.00pm. In the D-Box at Cineworld, Renfrew Street to 'experience' John Carter in 4D... 

Some of you may be familiar with my apathy towards the cinema experience. In general, I dislike it, immensely. But if anything's going to interest me it's the promise of a giant hotdog and a new gimmick. 3D fails to excite me. Mr G and I have had lengthy debates about this in the past - we have a 3D TV - and we've tried sitting closer, more centrally, to one side etc. Nothing does it for me. It's just a bit 'meh'. But 4D? Now THAT'S an experience! Special seats actually move and vibrate throughout the film:

" D-BOX simulators offer the next dimension of the cinematic experience, placing viewers in the centre of the action. With seat movements perfectly synchronized to the onscreen action and sounds, D-BOX seats create an unmatched realistic immersive experience."

I'll never see a 2D film again! Tickets are a bit on the expensive side, but totally worth it. So, if you're in Glasgow, I highly recommend the 4D experience, but as for everyone else, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait. Apparently the D-Box seats are only available in the Glasgow Cineworld for the time being.

4.00pm. After a roller coaster ride, leaping all over Mars with John Carter, it was time to wind down with a few cocktails at Blue Dog. I kicked off the proceedings with a Devil's Desire.

5.00pm. Next up was some kind of strawberry and lime concoction - delicious!

6.00pm. All topped off with a round of Jammie Dodgers (Creme de cassis and Baileys)

7.00pm: The hotdogs were wearing off by this point and the cocktails kicking in. What better way to soak up the alcohol than with a slap up curry feast? Charcoals is a stone's throw from Blue Dog so it seemed like the obvious choice.

8.00pm. Full and tipsy on the bus home. P.S. I don't normally put my feet on the seats - this was for a photo opp only!

9.00pm. Knackered and content with a mug of peppermint tea. Night night.

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  1. Love the floral trousers! The cinema in 4D sounds amazing, I'd love to go, but looks like I'll have to wait :) xx


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