Thursday, 8 April 2010

Look What The Stork Brought Home

My babies have FINALLY arrived! Parcel Force delivered my Jeffrey Campbell Zero Peep Toes to my work about half an hour ago. I flew up the stairs with the box and here is the result...

Layer 1 - opening the USPS box

Layer 2 - The Jeffrey Campbell box appears

The Reveal!

The Joy!

The Fitting!

First Steps!

I'm off out tomorrow night, so I'll do a full outfit post tomorrow.


  1. JELOUS!!!! i really need those,what size are you?:P
    Can just imagine you forgot about your work for a good half hour and walked around the office haha.

  2. Stunning! Truly, truly beautiful! x

  3. Killer shoes, like yer style

    Sleekit x

  4. These are FANTASTIC! Are they easy enough to walk in?


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