Friday, 31 December 2010

2011? Bring It On!

Are we all ready to say cheerio to 2010 and bring in the next decade? It's 6pm just now, so I've got about 3 hours to write this post, phone a few family members, paint my nails and choose an outfit for tonight's party - cannae wait! But before I begin applying the slap, back-combing the mop, sprinkling glitter all over the flat, and glugging back the pink fizz, I thought I'd share a few of my 'best bits' from the past year.

Looking back, 2010 was a big fluffy mixture of special birthdays, weddings, parties and best of all, blogging! Baroque Boudoir will be 1 year old in January and interacting with all you lovely people out there has definitely been one of the best things I've done this year. I love reading all your stories, looking at all your great photos and just generally having a bit of a natter with like-minded folks. So, thank you - all of you - for such a great year!

This is me with my new iPhone back in January 2010. I'm in the toilets at work 'practicing' trying to take an outfit post. I quickly realised that I was never gonna be able to do this on my own, so, since then, I've enlisted the help of my better half, Mr G. Thanks honey for putting up with all my photo demands and my temper tantrums when I don't like what I see - I promise to try and learn how to take shots myself next year x

A dreadful photo of me, but what a fantastic night we had - this was from Miss Lou's hen night in May. An all star girlie night dancing to rock choons and eating noodles - sweet!

June was mental. This is from Wedding Number 1, Nicci and Chas, in the Cotswolds. Beautiful, simply beautiful. The food was the best EVER!

Two weeks later, I was lucky enough to be bridesmaid at the wedding of the decade, Miss Lou and her beau tied the knot on 25th June in true rock n roll style! (We even got to meet the band afterwards!!)

Here's a sneaky wee pic of me and Mr G on our way to Wedding Number 3 in July, my oldest friend's big sister got hitched and kindly invited us along.

October saw the launch of the best club this century - Hot Mess, hosted by DJ Simonotron.

In November, Mr G surprised me, and perhaps even himself, with an early birthday treat - a weekend of pampering and indulgence at the prestigious Cameron House on Loch Lomond. I wish he'd got a picture of my face when he announced that we weren't actually spending the weekend with his parents in Rothesay. It went from a confused frown, to surprised to shock, to tears of delight. Even after 9 years together, he still managed to pull something very special out the bag for my 30th x

Deary me... Back at Hot Mess earlier this month celebrating my birthday - again!! May the madness continue well into the next decade!

I was going to write up a list of all my New Year's resolutions, but when I started to think about it, I don't really have any resolutions to make. Instead, here are my hopes and ambitions for 2011:
  • Save up to buy a laptop - so I can blog even more!
  • Lose the black - I want to gradually lighten my hair and go ORANGE!
  • Get my ears pierced. Although they've been pierced before, they closed up over 10 years ago and I'm a little squeamish about having them done again, but I want to wear pretty earrings, so this year I'm gonna brave it and get them done.
  • Visit the dentist on a regular basis. Another fear I must conquer!
  • Move house. This has been on the cards for years, but with getting married and then the housing crash, it's never really happened. But we want to have Christmas dinner in our own house next year and have room to cook it and invite people round.


  1. I want to see about getting my earlobes stretched, so I'll come along and hold your hand while you have your ears re-pierced.

    I loved your photos showing highlights from 2010. I'm so glad that I'm in there!
    Here's to more high jinx and even higher fashion. Love your bones now in 2011 & always!. xxxxx

  2. The photo at Lous wedding is amazing- i want bridesmaids dresses like that! And you totally look hawt with turquoise hair, but im sure youll rock the bright orange too! Happy new year!

  3. omg love love love that pic from the marriage! you looked gorgeous!!
    wish you all the best for this new year and that all your ambitions can come true!!! keep rocking lady!!!!

  4. Looks like a fun year - hope 2011 will be great as well!
    Happy new year from Norway

  5. Your dancing and all-round glam fabulousness at Hot Mess was one of the highlights of my year, and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! Best club of the century... heh heh heh



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