Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Clash Of The Titans

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was good to you. We spent the 25th in the 'shire with my folks where we ate, drank, watched crap telly, ate and drank and then ate and drank some more! On Boxing Day morning we got a text from the girl who lives in the flat below us:

"Hope you're not too far away - the outside waste pipe has frozen and there's s**te spewing back up the toilet all over my bathroom"


An hour later we were in the close, sniffing as we went up the stairs. Couldn't detect any whiffs and luckily, as we bravely opened our front door and peered into the bathroom, all was well. We had been saved! A few hours of pouring boiling water over the pipe and a gradual thaw outside seemed to resolve the problem. Feel bad for the girl downstairs, but overall, just relieved!

Yesterday we ventured out east to visit the in-laws and niece and nephew. As we attempted to board a train for Linlithgow, an announcement came over the tannoy to tell us to "halt!" - the train was cancelled... and there wouldn't be another one for 30 minutes.... Hmmm... what does one do with oneself with a spare half hour to waste in the city centre? You guessed it - I left a rather poorly Mr G sitting in Queen Street station with all the bags of presents while I trotted off to Urban Outfitters. Twenty minutes later and I was back with grin on my face, a glow on my cheeks and a big bag in my hand. I had managed to scoop up the number one cardigan on my list - score!

Today was my first official day at the sales and this is what I wore. I'll reveal all my bargains and AMAZING Christmas pressies over the next few days.

Leather jacket from Topshop // Motley Crue tshirt // new Urban Outfitters cardigan // H&M leopard print leggings // peacock feather was a gift from Spinal Lou x


  1. you always look amazing - like your a superstar! Glad your pipe was saved but that sucks for the girl below!! Hope your xmas was dope though! xx

  2. sweeeeet outfit!

  3. Love the way you put the outfit together! You know youre totally one of those girls Id see on the street and wish I could be HALF as cool as!

  4. Thank you ladies - you really are too kind. This was my first proper attempt at clashing prints. I'm usually way too scared by the whole concept, but thought I'd give it a bash as it's Christmas n all! xxx

  5. Sounds like a great holiday. Loving your super rad outfit!!

  6. looking brilliant gal! shame about your neighbours pipes... but thank goodness your flat was okay. the trains havent been the best during this chilly weather eh... but at least you got to squeeze in some extra shopping ;) xx

  7. Hee hee the way this post was written was great.

    Always good when u see something in the sale you wanted for ages, that delayed train was meant to be!!

    Looking hot, you your own great style - love it xxx

  8. I love your style! You look amazing.

  9. Looking good as always......x


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