Monday, 20 December 2010

Sale Spotting

It's no surprise that I'm gagging to get to the sales. My first port of call is always Urban Outfitters. Generally speaking, I would never pay full price for anything from there, but I do like a good bargain and without fail, I have managed to pick up chunky knit cardigans every year that see me through the full 12 months. These are the ones I have my eye on this year:

And this wee mustard dress has been on my radar for months:

My plan of action is to hit my favourite shops (UO, Topshop, All Saints, Office) for my 'hot picks' as soon as humanly possible. Usually this is the 27th or 28th due to taking part in the family stuff, but there's a slim chance this year that I'll be able to raid the high street on the 26th. I can hear all of you working in retail screaming at me "wwwhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???" - gotta get it before it's gone!

During this initial plundering, I make a mental note - sometimes even a photo - of items that are potential future 70% off bargains. I then attempt to stay clear of the shops until mid January when I do my final sweep, taking in the likes of Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and Oasis - just in case!

Another wee gem that I hope to snap up is this grey trapper hat from Accessorize. This is the only grey one that I've seen, so I hope it doesn't sell out.

What did everyone get up to this weekend? Any Christmas Parties?? We had our work lunch on Wednesday which resulted in a rough Thursday.
Friday panned out just the way I had anticipated. At 3 o'clock I got my birthday tattoo! Well, I got the outline done - another 2 or 3 sessions to go. It's a bit icky and swollen just now, so will post picks when it looks a little prettier.

Next up on Friday was Tron: Legacy in 3D at the Imax. Adored the visuals and soundtrack, but the story was piss-poor - really bad. The cinema was also really warm. Something that NEVER happens. I usually take extra layers with me when I go to see a film, but for some reason, it was stifling hot -so hot that our bag of Magic Stars melted :(

The evening was topped off with a wee birthday celebration for Miss Lou's man, Christopher. Happy Birthday Dahling!!


  1. The red cardigan with the bobbles is the exact double of one my granny knitted for me in so many different colours when I was younger! I used to pretend I was a robot and that the bobbles were my buttons.
    I've heard Tron was really bad, which is such a shame because so many people were looking forward to it!

  2. Funnily enough i only ever go to UO when they have sales on and ive heard others say the same thing as well,gorgeous things just not willing to pay that much.
    I should really get a wee wishlist on the go and get myself out there,hope you get your cardies and that funky dress!

  3. I love the over sized houndstooth cardigan! It's pure lush. xx

  4. yep i'm stupidly excited about the sales! The one time I can actually afford anything the UO!!

  5. All of these cardigans are gorgeous!

    Lovely blog!


  6. That mustard dress is rather lovely! I'm the same, can never afford or bring myself to spend 60 odd quid on a cardigan from UO, so I do love a sale! :) xo

  7. the first cardigan is sooo nice :)

    i will deffo be going to UO sale



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