Sunday, 12 December 2010

Shiny Shiny, Shiny Boots Of Leather

I'm really dragging this out, aren't I? Anyhoo...

I thought I'd share a few more of my wonderful birthday pressies with you and chuck in a wee make-up review at the same time.

This is me clinging with delight to the *fantabulous* collage made for me by my partner in crime and the best pal a gal can have, Miss Lou. It has all my favourite things on it including a pink and black background, Tunnock's teacakes, Hello Kitty, leopard print, Vivienne Westwood, the Manics, Rachel Stamp, Nikki Sixx, eyeliner, Tragic City Thieves and cherries. All the things that remind me of Lou: heels, cupcakes, tea, nail polish, Jack Skellington, cider, bows and of course, glamourous smoking!
Keeking out in the background you might spot my Zana Bayne 3-wing shoulder piece. It was a gift from Mr G and it's so fucking amazing that I'm gonna save it for a post all to itself.

This little package of goodies arrived in the post, all the way from London, from my psychic twin, Vicki. Although we live miles apart, we always seem to be drawn to exactly the same things - the details in this psychic bond can be truly terrifying at times! But it does mean that presents like the MAC Violet my Love Tartan Tale kit are always a perfect choice!

Although I have sacks full of MAC eye pigments, brushes and liners, I've never actually tried any of their mascaras. Having now tried and tested Zoom Lash, I can firmly state that I won't be going anywhere else in the future! It glided on with ease and lengthed my lashes perfectly. It has great staying power too - something I crave as I don't mind topping up eyeliner and lippy throughout the day, but I draw the line at mascara. Here I am modelling Zoom Lash with Microviolet Fluidline topped off with violet pigment - perfect for the party season!

More goodies from Miss Lou!

Next up we have the main event from Mr G: a pair of patent leather hook-up fetish boots. I have been after a pair of these babies for years and I can't think of a better 30th birthday pressie. These boots were NOT made for walking.

To indulge my teenage lust for vampires I got a bottle of Tru Blood from Mr G and two great vamp necklaces from the Baron and the Smu ;)

Finally, in celebration of one of my darkest secrets, a tshirt to declare my love for the tennis world number one, Rafael Nadal! I can hear all the 'huh?'s and 'who?'s' as I type this. I've been a tennis fan since Andre Agassi stepped on court in the early 90s. And Rafa is my current obsession in a long line of players. So there you have it, my secret it out - I'm a tennis geek - and proud!

Right, I'm off into town to brave the crazy shops. I'm so far behind this year with my Christmas shopping that I'm now in panic mode. Any good suggestions for Dads and Nanas??


  1. What an excellent blog entry! This made me a very happy gal. I'm glad you are enjoying your collage :o)
    I'm killer jealous of those boots, I definitely want a go! Zoom Lash mascara, that's my secret weapon, that's what makes me look like I have spiders legs crawling from my eyelids. I love it. Try it with Mac's Prep & Prime undercoat and wooooosh!
    Love your bones. xxx

  2. Thats so nice that your friend made a collage for you and those boots- *jizz*!! I too am completely obsessed with Rafa, i was never much interested in tennis until i saw that piece of work! Everyone i know tells me hes ugly and resembles a monkey but me love him long time!

  3. those boots are KILLER!!! and vamp necklaces are pretty sweeeeet too!

  4. Ahhh I hope you had a great birthday miss :) your pressies are ace! Zoom lash is the only mac mascara I have tried and I was really impressed too! I dont own any pigments though, they scare me :( haha I just feel like id get them everywhere. are they easy enough to use? Your hair is fab and loving your chest piece! xx

  5. Oh God, those boots are amazing! I want to have them... Btw., nice blog, I will look often here :)

  6. I have those necklaces aswell...Mr G has great taste
    my sister bought a bottle of True Blood while we was in New York last year and I love the Tshirt......glad you liked that pic of him in those armanis on my blog...


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