Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Tragic Start To The Week

Last night I skipped all the way home, threw some microwave lasagne down my neck and headed into town for the glam-rock fest that was Steve Conte (of dubious New York Dolls fame) supported by our very own princes of sleaze, Tragic City Thieves.

Mr G was less enamoured about leaving the comfort of our cosy flat to brave the sub-zeros on a Monday night, but like a dutiful husband, he kindly chummed me along and bought me pints of cider and black so that I could do silly dancing and scream with delight as TCT took to the stage wearing combos of tightly fitting white jeans, head to toe leather and frilly shirts. I missed their last gig and was determinded not to miss this one as it appears to be their last until February?! But, as they're heading to the studio to record their second album, I'll forgive them - just.

As I'm not getting to see Rachel Stamp in London for their New Year's Eve party, a 'unique, never-to-be-repeated experience', I needed my glam rock fix. And yes, honey, I'm just getting this one last dig in here. I promise not to mention it again. Except at the bells when I make you all listen to Black Cherry ;-)

I forgot to charge my camera for last night, so here are some photos of the band stolen from facebook.

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