Tuesday, 15 February 2011

V Day Din Dins!

After sloshing home in the heaviest rain we've seen this year, I was strictly instructed to "stay out of the kitchen! It's a surprise..."

After dumping my soggy umbrella in the bath and peeling off my drenched army jacket I hauled on my furry leopard print booties, wrapped my scarf around myself and grabbed the Domino's Menu (just in case!)

"It'll be 20 mins!"

Perfect - just in time for Masterchef New Zealand...

"Right, come and get it! There's too much to bring through!"

Staring me in the face was homemade Chicken Korma, Basmati rice, peshwari naan bread, salad, extra green chillis and cucumber raita!

"Don't touch it! I need to get my camera - or folk will never believe this!"

Nom, nom, nom! After I scoffed the lot, Mr G announced there was pudding - whoops... Had I eaten too much to manage New York cheesecake??

No chance! I'm a bottomless pit. Bring it on! This time, Eastenders was just about to start - sweet.

This is me and Lydia snuggled on the couch. Excuse the state of me. I'm trying to grow out my fringe, hence the crazy side sweep, and I'll blame the horrendous weather for the rest of it.

The rest of the evening was all about LA Ink catch up and Big Love before I retreated to bedfordshire, still smiling.

I reckon he'll regret doing so well. I'm going to expect this a lot more often from now on...

How was your V Day? Do anything nice? A couple of pals went to the zoo - that sounded perfect!


  1. Awesome looking scran! Nom Nom Nom!! x

  2. There is always room for New York Cheesecake!

  3. That looks amazing, especially the part about there being too much to carry through - what a feast! I could always eat New York Cheesecake, no matter what I'd eaten before!

  4. oo homemade korma. you lucky thing! followed by cheesecake..nomnomnom. xx

  5. Wowee, I'm jealous! My boyfriend bought me a second hand DVD (horror, no less) from Blockbuster and an Indian takeaway that left me sick as a dog. Haha, so romantic! Katie x

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