Monday, 21 February 2011

Whip It

My new obsession. Roller Boots! I have vague memories of being quite good at it when I was wee. I could navigate twists and turns, jump off and on kerbs and successfully stop without injury. However, at 8 years old, YOU HAVE NO FEAR! Will I be able to make my dreams of gleefully skating along the newly refurbished Clydeside, all the way from my new office into town on a sunny summer afternoon, come true?

These are the babies I'm after (above). Rio Retro Roller Skates. How snazzy will I look gliding along the riverside in a pair of these?? They are just the same as the ones I remember (below).

Do any of you skate? Any tips??


  1. How fun. I don't skate anymore. Too cold for that at the moment. But how exciting.

  2. This is the coolest post, for the coolest way to travel. Cannot wait to see you skating along in your new boots. I love this. I watched Boogie Nights several times just because of 'Roller girl'.
    Aviemore used to have a roller skating ring- many happy childhood memories!!
    Long live the skate!

  3. I was actually reminiscing about my old roller boots last night! They were white with red wheels and a rainbow on the side, and had been owned by at least 2 cousins before I got my hands on them. The lack of smooth ground anywhere near my home was a bit of a hindrance though...
    You should def get a pair to make your journey to work more exciting!

  4. I havent done it since I was young, but I like to think that if I lived in America I would be a roller darby girl, or what it is called!

  5. I have those ones in red! :D

  6. Where did you get the 1st set of roller boots from i need them in a week or so for my friend's birthday. PLZ help!!


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