Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wish You Were Here

The sun has got its hat on today here in Glasgow. And all I can think about is booking our summer holidays! I should point out that it is still Baltic out there - I have my fur coat on today, but one can dream...

I like to go somewhere hot - with a pool. Preferably a local water park as well as I get bored sitting about doing nothing. I also like the beach, but Mr G less so. I'm not keen on the sea - if truth be told, I'm a little scared of going out my depth and the thought of little fishes swimming between my legs and all about my toes fills me with horror! But I like a good view.

We're hoping to get away for a week, maybe 10 days in August or September. Somewhere in Europe (can't quite stretch the pennies to go any further this year). Any suggestions??

All images from Tumblr


  1. some of those pics are making me hungry!

    The best waterpark place I've ever been to was Aqua Lanza in Lanzarote.
    Or there was one in Magaluf called 'western Park' -it has a western theme and its just so fun!

  2. Really wish summer would hurry up and get its ass here! The last place I went on holiday was Tenerife, and there was this awesome water park there called Siam Park about 5 min drive from our hotel. Im with you on the sea thing, like yeah, its nice to look at but give me the choice between the sea and a pool and Ill pick the pool!

  3. I went to an amazing waterpark years ago, I think it was in Albufeira in Majorca, but I can't be sure! It was a real nice place though!

  4. Ah i need a holiday too, hopefully to Barcelona - its raining in london today :(
    ps. i absolutely love that first image!

  5. I loved Sunny Beach in Bulgaria or Gran Amadores in Gran Canaria though thats a long flight zzzZZZzzzz

  6. I really REALLY want those ice cream shoes. They're amazing.
    I've been shocked by the sunshine in Glasgow today as well. Shame I was stuck in Uni!
    Great read :) x

  7. I really need a holiday, I have not had one since I was about 10 ! haha I don't count Brighton, but at the same time I love going to Brighton in summer it's the best place to be :) Love this post and those photos. I saw those ice cream shoes ages ago on trendsetter, going to D.I.Y a pair of old shoes :) xx


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