Thursday, 24 February 2011

Things I Love (and Loathe) Thursday

I've never attempted a Things I Love Thursday post, but there's no time like the present!

Things What I LOVE...
  1. Top of the list is the photo above, stolen from Style East. This gal is head to toe inspiration for me at the moment. I'm all about pencil skirts, bright colours, wedges and geometric print tights and leggings. Like these McQ babies or these Sass and Bide ones.
  2. The Bargainista Fashionista - I LOVE a good bargain - in fact, I can't remember the last time I actually bought something full price... maybe my wedding dress? This gal has all the best bargains out there - enjoy!
  3. My new book, "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. In my teens I devoured books, everything from Plath to Burroughs, Camus to Levi, Orwell to Huxley, but as I've gotten older, my attention span has rapidly faded and now you're more likey to find copies of chick lit that I got free woth Cosmo kicking around my bedside table than anything with any real worth. But, after I showed an interest in True Blood a couple of years back, Mr G bought me the entire series of Sookie Stackhouse novels and I lapped them up! After exhausting every vampire series I could get my hands on, I was at a loss again for anything that held my interest. I need teenage books with short chapters and big text. So last week, embarrassed by my shockingly bad choice of books, Mr G kindly purchased The Hunger Games for me. It's awesome! It's set in post-apocalyptic America and the Hunger Games are an annual televised event where the Capitol chooses one boy and one girl from each district to fight to the death. No more spoilers - but I highly recommend it!

  4. Lilac nails! I seem to have moved on from my mint green obsession to lilac.
  5. Lighter evenings. It's now still light when I get home from work which makes me very happy! In Scotland, it can start getting dark mid-winter around 3pm. It's thoroughly depressing, so I'm all for the new 'Daylight Savings' Bill which, if passed, would mean that it stays lighter later. This also means that at the height of summer, Scotland might still be light at midnight - I can smell all night parties like they have in Sweden!
All the little things...
I've reached over 200 followers on GFC - thank you to all of you :-) // My tattoo has healed up nicely, so I can go for a swim tomorrow // Achraf Amiri's Trashion Book // planning a wedding outfit for my pal's big day on 12th March // our new shower - the old one broke last week // This little performance and interview with the Manics - cheers Alan! // Booking my 'black to orange' hair appointment (18th March) and my final tattoo session (Friday 13th May - eek!)

Things What I LOATHE...

Feeling poorly and as result, missing out on fantastic stuff that's happening in Glasgow this week including a great wee bash at Urban Outfitters tonight, including a 10% discount!! And Pam Hogg djing at the Pyuupiru Fashion Show that has been organised by the amazingly talented Claire from Bee Waits For No One. Gutted...

Having to work on Saturday :-(

What are some of your favourite things right now?


  1. If it makes you feel better, I'm also missing out on all those events because of serious skintness :( hope we don't miss out on too much!
    The book you're reading sounds amazing! I might have to see if I can find it mega cheap somewhere!

  2. I am so happy I stumbled across The Bargain Fashionista a couple of days ago too, although it makes me want to buy everything featured on there!
    Really pleased your tattoo is healing up nicely :)
    And hope you feel better soon :(

  3. hate work on Sundays!
    I'm definitely going to check out that book, i also need to check out the Sookie Stackhouse ones! xx

  4. Aw hope ur feeling better soon, it is very wise to wait for your tattoo to heal properly I went swimming the day after having one and it all scarred up and is now raised, and a bit blurred! Ah well the things you do when your young.

  5. Lighter evenings and lilac nails - yay!
    Lighter evenings for the same reasons as you and and lilac nails? I've tried a couple of different brands but they were tacky/streaky/gloopy/too watery but I think you've cracked it! xx

  6. I completely agree about lilac nails! I've been wearing nothing but black and dark blue on my nails for months now, I finally bought myself some lilac nail varnish yesterday :)

    And I *love* the idea of the new daylight savings bill, I really hope it goes through. I honestly can't get on board with the arguments against it - it's clearly the most sensible thing to do! Here's to longer summers lol

  7. Love the nails dear...very
    as fo the Urban Outfitters doo you didn't miss much although my friend did get a nice Boy London Top..we decided to leave the free coffee and go to the pub instead.

  8. I used to "eat" books too when I was younger and I find it so hard to get lost in a book these days - I mourn that ability to concentrate for hours on end. I'm definitely checking out Style East, she looks incredible and I love your lilac nails - I'm a green nail fan too but love to try anything new. Hope you're getting better this weekend. xo

  9. I'm sad about not being able to go to the Glasgow Film Festival. So many films on that I want to see! And here I am in England. Bah!

    K xx

  10. I am loving the lilac nails :) Very pretty.
    I am also having a bit of an obsession with lilac too, such a lovely colour ^_^

  11. The first pic is stuning, love the style! x

  12. I just bought those tights! You will see them on Saturday x


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