Monday, 28 March 2011

Blisters, Booze and Brilliant Choons

Zana Bayne 3-wing shoulder harness // Vivienne Westwood choker // Christopher Kane for Topshop dress // Betsey Johnson belt // fishnets // Swan sock garters // New Rock boots // Illamasqua Flame lipstick

Saturday night really was a blast from the past! Bedlam at the QMU was freakin fantastic. I danced so much in my 15 year old boots that I am now completely crippled with blisters. Luckily I didn't have to cross the door yesterday and face the dreaded pain of squeezing my wrecked feet into another pair of boots. So, if I didn't leave the house yesterday, why has this post taken so long to appear? 
The Hangover From Hell had me curled on the couch clutching a glass of orange squash and the TV remote all day long. Obviously my 30 year old liver can't take the heady mix of wine, cider and Jack Daniels like my 19 year old one could. I was DYING!

Anyhoo, Mr G and I have a holiday from work today, so I'm up, bright as a button and ready to rock! It's a pretty glorious Spring day outside (forecast for the rest of the week is pishy rain) so wanna make the most of it. To the zoo me'thinks!

Have you all had a good weekend?

I'll leave you with this brilliant 8 Tracks mix which I was asked to contribute to a few weeks ago. Lots of cracking Indie and Rock choons chosen by fellow fashion bloggers. Feel very privileged to be counted among them.


  1. I am in serious lust with your boots and socks <3

  2. wow you look AMAZING!

    I still have my new rocks too, wearing them for a few hours is a good workout when you arent used to them anymore! my best friend had the same ones as you!

    those suspender socks look great! x

  3. you look so awesome that dress is amazing!
    A lady who comes into the shop i work in always wears these boots and I find myself starrring at them in awe but I think she probably thinks im rude! xxx

  4. Love your little sock-garters! They're so sweet!

  5. omg I'm drooling over this outfit hun!! so up my street...and those boots are and will be always amazing!!

    on another note, finally today I have managed to send your necklace :) can expect it in about 5 days!

  6. Brilliant outfit! I especially love the sock garters and the boots! <3

  7. you look absolutely flamin' incredible here girl - love the sock garters - awesome xx

  8. I love this outfit so much! And your HAIR!


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