Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!

It looks like yesterday was the last 'holiday' that Mr G and I are going to have together until the end of August (my work is crazy busy just now), so, I was determined we weren't going to spend the day moping about the flat. Instead, we packed ourselves off to visit the zoo!


Image heavy post alert. Who needs words when you have photos of parading penguins, lazy lions, thieving squirrels, one-eyed tigers, sleepy koalas, tiny monkeys and a cheeky chimp

All Saints boots // Topshop 'Pippa' jeans // grey blouse from New Look // Warehouse army jacket // Orla Kiely bag

This outfit was determined by the only pair of boots that I could comfortably manage in with my blisters from the weekend!

All photos kindly shot by Mr G x

This could open a can of worms, but what are you thoughts on zoos? This is Edinburgh Zoo and it has greatly improved since I last visited when I was about 10 years old, but I felt it still had some way to go. The tiger and leopard enclosures left a sick feeling at the back of my throat, but I have a feeling that the zoo will not replace the two animals they currently house after they die. It was very clear that animals such as monkeys and even the lions (who all live in groups in the wild) seemed to be thriving, but solitary animals have no place in captivity. 


  1. awwwwww! loving all of them but koala is really cute :)

  2. I love zoos, but they make me sad too. My local zoo where I'm originally from does really, really great conservation work and breeds animals for release sometimes, but still...

  3. I love zoo's too I live right by one of the best in the UK, paignton zoo. It's amazing and all the animals have alot of room and great care BUT the cheetah. I saw it it was at the back of the zoo I was the only one there you have to go round alot of nothingness to see it and the zoo was packed but nobody seeing it, it was in a tiny grassy pen that just looked like somebodys garden. There were two of them in there and I just felt so so sad :(

  4. I think as long as zoo's have the funds they can be great places, but when they struggle, there's not enough space etc they can be really sad places.

    I like to think in this day and age UK zoo's are pretty good, but I've not been to many of them.

  5. The zoo debate's always a tricky one, i do go to them on the odd occasion but i always hate it when i'm in there. I just walk about criticising the place! Looking very foxy btw! x

  6. This is a 'toughie' - as a kid, I loved the zoo for all the obvious reasons but as I've gotten older seeing animals couped up does make me sad and sometimes, really cross... Ooft!

    On a cheerier note, your photos are fab and I'm lovin' your skinny denims! X

  7. I can see both sides of the zoo debate, but I wouldn't have half my knowledge of the animal kingdom without their existence. After reading Life of Pi, I understood so much more about exotic animals and why zoos are necessary for study, research and education purposes. Supporting charities that give back to zoos is one way to help improve conditions for those graceful creatures. Sorry to hear about your blisters - I'm recovering from blister-mania this week too:(( xoxo

  8. Pics are amazing Mr G is good with the camera..didn't think they still did that penguin march...


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