Sunday, 5 June 2011

For The Love Of Chocolate

Topshop leather jacket // Primark dress and cardigan // purple tights from ? // All Saints boots // grey 'lady bag' from wee shop in Shawlands // headscarf from New Look // last year's shades from H&M?

Wee Lex, my McQueen keyring (a gift from Mr G) adapted to fit an old gold chain // H&M nail polish in Temptress

I had a good splurge in Primark on Wednesday night (followed by another cheeky haul in H&M on Thursday night). Bought this fantabulous summer dress, couple of cardis, 2 pairs of brogues and an awesome parrot print skirt. Scooped another 2 cardis in H&M. You'd think summer had arrived or something. Unfortunately summer is short lived north of the border. It came and went on Friday. 

Today I was determined to wear my floral frock come rain or shine. Rain stayed off, but it was a bitter 12 degrees outside AND windy. The shades were purely for photos. Had a delightful afternoon at the Chocolate Emporium with Mr G, my wee brother and his fiance. We drank hot chocolate and ate macarons, crepes with strawberries and came home with a box of truffles each. Nom nom nom! Now, I feel sick and have a thumping headache - that'll teach me!

What did everyone else get up to this weekend??


  1. your hair looks SO awesome! You always look like such a rockstar <3

  2. Ooh you look bloody awesome :D I reaaaaally really love your boots, and your jacket! The dress is a great print too, love the combination of florals and leather.
    That food looks TOO good.

  3. Argh! This is the best post ever! You're wearing mustard and a skull - 2 of my favourite things ever...
    ...and you made my tummy grumble with that delicious food!

  4. Love the outfit... so you!!

    I so want my hair this colour and have done since I booked my wedding in Nov!! Will just have to wait but the thought wont go away!! Blooody ell.

    Hope you managed to avoid the rain :)

    Joanne xx

  5. Ah that Chocolate Emporium place is pretty near me, I've been meaning to try it out for a while! Glad to see it comes recommended!

  6. You look amazing missus! :) and wow, I have never heard of the chocolate emporium before but I am drooling right now haha xx

  7. I LOVE this look! I'm a big fan (and wearer - heh) of pretty lady dresses paired with heavy leather jackets/boots!

    Way to RAWK it Madame G!

  8. Great outfit lady, love the mustard cardie

    Sleekit x

  9. Chocolate Emporium sounds amazing, must put it on my to-do list!
    I love the colour scheme of your outfit, it's very summery even if the weather isn't!

  10. I love this: that perfect print, the clash of the girlie with the leather jacket, your hair, that hair tie! Super cute.


  11. Wow, Chocolate emporium? I have never seen/heard of this before. I must plot a trip!
    The only thing that would make it better than it already sounds is if they have umpalumpas

  12. can't wait to stuff myself with a bunch of crepes. btw i find purple/violet so beautiful.

  13. oh wow, i LOVE that leather jacket! every winter i wish i had one like that, i must buy myself one this year.
    just came acroos your blog and im enjoying it a lot :)

  14. Love this whole outfit, you look great :)

  15. love the cardi (especially the color) and the leather jacket. the floral is also lovely.


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