Friday, 1 July 2011

Sylvia Ji Throne

This handcrafted throne featuring 'Maria' by artist Sylvia Ji would look just darling propped in the corner of the Boudoir. They are, of course, limited edition. Only 33 will be produced in faux suede, each one coming with it's own certificate of authenticity. At just under £1600 I reckon this is a serious collectors piece and will most definitely appreciate in value over the next 10 years. It's also available in genuine leather. Keep your eyes peeled in the back of Kat von D's tattoo studio - right up her street!

About 8 years ago Mr G bought me two beautiful numbered prints by contemporary Japanese artist Chiho Aoshima. She trained under Superflat mastermind (and Louis Vuitton collaborator) Takashi Murakami. Both pieces have gone up in value - not mega bucks, but a very good investment. They adorn the Boudoir walls and make me smile every day. After the cats, would be up there with 'what can I shove under my arm and escape a fire with?'

Chiho Aoshima (not my ones - just examples of her work)

Do any of you have little works of art that you treasure - or even big ones?! Or, what's your most treasured item of clothing?


  1. That chair is gorgeous!
    I went to a Chiho Aoshima exhibition a few years ago, it was amazing! :) xx

  2. Awesome but I think I would be afraid to sit on that chair. lol.

  3. I love Sylvia Ji!! I need that armchair <333


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