Thursday, 22 September 2011

Age of Reason

I'm a scarf addict. Rain or shine, I'll never leave the house without one - even in Tenerife I kept one in my bag - just in case. Can't stand a draft round the back of my neck. You can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these Age of Reason scarves on Hivenn's blog. Scarves with naughty matryoshka dolls, handcuffs and a tall ship logo? Yes please!

"The label is called Age of Reason because it represents a seed change in our way of thinking about accessories. We seek to create scarves that will last you a lifetime; a scarf you'd actually hand down to your daughter even if it was in tatters.  The galleon ship is an important emblem because it reminds us to explore new territory, to come up with new ideas, and not to fear being different by saying "Buy less,  but buy quality. Be proud of your things and never throw them away." 

This one is inspired by the Royal Wedding and was released just in time for London Fashion Week. Available from Whistles but not online :(
You can pick up any of the other designs on the Coco de Mer site :)

This is a VERY naughty little number - oo-er indeed!


  1. I love that nautical one, and the royal wedding-esque one is great too!

  2. These scarfs are so illustrative and beautiful! I have never known how to wear scarves but one of these is sure to be a conversation starter...! They sort of remind me of tattoos?! (Perhaps because I have 2 Russian doll tattoos!)
    Thank you for sharing this, Whistles might have to go somewhere on my Xmas list this year!
    Lovely blog,
    Tori xxx

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  4. Haha good post! I love scarves like this so much, bet you could wear the Age of Reason one without anyone even noticing the naughty dolls - need to check them out now.

  5. I need one
    or two
    or even more... :)


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