Thursday, 15 September 2011

Things I Love (and Loathe) Thursday

Everyone has shit days at work. This has been a particularly shit week for me - until today... Look what arrived on my desk this morning!

Things what I LOVE....
  • Rachel Stamp. You've no doubt heard me bang on about my favourite band a million times on here. I've been after this delicious GREEN VINYL EP for years and it finally popped up on Ebay last week (I have 'Rachel Stamp' saved as an alert). I have no way of listening to it as we got rid of our decks years ago, but it makes a very nice addition to my (almost complete) RS collection :-)

    • My brand new Banana Guard. It looks like a giant, deformed dildo, but it does the job - no more bashed and bruised bananas for me!
    • Cold, crisp mornings. It was only 3 degrees this morning and it means I can start layering up.
    • Another *new* thing for me this week was a wee pressie from the gorgeous Spinal Lou. Vimto bon bons. These chewy little sweets are just the bomb - total Vimto explosion in your gob. Only problem is that they are very moreish... BUT, they are also only a quid from your local Poundland - score!

    • Aztec Print, especially leggings. So much so that I bought TWO pairs from Urban Outfitters on my way home last night. Including these ones: 

      Things What I Loathe...
      •  Aztec Print Leggings - on my thighs? Hell no. The stretched, wibbling print is enough to make anyone think they're on a bad acid trip. They'll be going straight back to the shop on Saturday.
      • Untamed Brows - soon to be tamed as I plan to visit Al-Aishas after work to have them threaded (for the very first time - eek!)
      • Unruly Hair - again, hopefully this problem will be solved tonight at a standby appointment in town. I'm a cheapskate and refuse to pay £40+ just to have my fringe cut and my hair trimmed.


      1. Haha I'm sure the aztec prints look great on you, that bit did make me laugh though. Good luck with the threading - I've never had it done but apparently it's relatively pain free. I'll be on the look out for those Vimto bonbons for sure - they look delish!

      2. Printed leggings scare me although I do own two pairs, worn with very long tops so I don't have to see my own thighs! As for the bimbo bon bons, totally checking those out tomorrow.

        Caz x

      3. Ha ha ha! Love your comment about the banana guard!

      4. Ditto with the aztec leggings. Perhaps with a chunky jumper though in winter. Liking your blog!


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