Monday, 5 September 2011

Baby You're A Firework

Label Lab trench // green and orange tartan shirt from ASOS // scabby old black leggings // DMs

This weekend Mr G and I made a wee trip back home to the 'shire to visit my wee Mammy, overindulge (again) on some tasty grub and watch the fireworks display that marks the end of the week long annual Largs Viking Festival.

Mammy and me. Take a good look - as soon as she spots this, she'll make me take it down :(

After a few gin n slims, I couldn't resist the lure of the tacky neon kids toys. Disco Stick for me, lightsaber for Mr G. Also snapped up some bitchin' light-up cyberlocks, but holding them back for a special occasion.

Fireworks were pretty damn good. First 5 mins went pop to Katy Perry, but then the dj switched to some rather depressing Pink Floyd track...

It wouldn't be a trip 'doon the watter' to Largs without the obligatory ice cream stop at the famous Nardini's. I had caramel shortbread and coconut, Mr G had raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake laced with Scottish tablet. For those of you who are wondering, tablet is just a toothache inducing concoction of butter and sugar melted together and left to set hard. It's what Scottish we'ans are raised on after they come off a bottle - you don't need teeth to eat it (and you certainly won't have any left later in life).

To Chop Or Not? RESULTS

Voting has ended and the fate of my new haircut has been decided:

Short bob, short fringe               5
Shoulder length, short fringe  8
Short bob, long fringe                6
Shoulder length, long fringe        5

So, shoulder length, short fringe is the winning combo. Now all I need to do is sort out my hairy eyebrows before chopping my bangs. Thanks yo everyone for your input. I'll do the 'do this weekend and post the winning look!


  1. How I miss nardinis :( I'm really loving the shade of your hair at the moment :) glad you went with the term bitchin ;) xxx

  2. You look so great in the first pic, I love your hair, coat, the neck of your shirt... everything!! :) xx

  3. Your hair looks awesome no matter what you do with it, but I'm so glad short fringe, shoulder length hair won 'cause I voted for that one! And I'm really curious about this tablet stuff you speak of..... A kitchen experiment might be in order..

  4. ahah cannot wait you post your new look babe!
    loving the shot with mommy, she rocks!! xx

  5. You look so chic in that first photo! And your mum is as gorgeous as her daughter and should be proud to be on your blog!


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