Tuesday, 20 September 2011

To Chop Or Not - Results

So here we have the results from my 'To Chop Or Not' poll. Short fringe, long bob (which has been scraped up into two messy buns for going out to the dancin' on Saturday night). Instead of just attacking my fringe myself I decided to go professional for a change.

On Thursday night I took the Style Fairy's good advice and nipped into Al-Aisha's beauty salon to pop my threading cherry. Two minutes later and I had perfectly plucked brows. Very pleased. Next, I headed into the town centre to hunt out a good standy-by deal to have my hair cut. Rainbow Rooms Buchanan Street could fit me in in half an hour - just enough time for a quick once around Frasers to pickup a new skirt (below) and sheer blouse (another time).

I opted to have my fringe slightly rounded at the edges. I'm still not too sure what I think of it - I usually just cut it straight across, but I'll live with it for a bit and decide what to do when it needs cut again.

This is also a glimpse of what my hair looks like 1 week after using the Manic Panic Electric Lava. It's nice and orange now, but my hair just refuses to hold any dye... Might be back to the drawing board again on this front.

Primark vest top // Miss Selfridge sheer skirt // leopard print tights // TK Maxx shoe boot wedges // New Look feather necklace

This was my attempt to show off how sheer the skirt is. Didn't work so well. We used Mr G's new camera phone but didn't check the settings, hence the poorer than usual quality.

On Saturday Mr G and I treated ourselves to a wee night oot. We kicked off the night at Balbir's Tiffin Rooms where we indudged in some Indian nibbles, wine and light Jazz entertainment.

Nom, Nom, Nom...

Green chillies in batter - HOT!!! You can also see my bargain New Look sale scarf and my 'fancy' nail varnish (inspired by the Dainty Squid)

After dinner we met up with some pals for a few more drinky-poos in the Halt Bar and listened to some Solid Gold Safari choons before hopping in a taxi down to the SWG3 to see Factory Floor - who were pretty damn excellent. I may have been caught up in all the excitment at this point because I then suggested we head to the Arches for some more dancing at Death Disco. This may have been a step too far for our old bones. We bailed early and went home a good cup of tea. Top night, but Sunday was a write-off.

Did you all have a good weekend?


  1. Ooh your fringe looks awesome and I love what you're wearing!!

  2. love your hair... and the skirt... and just spotted some hella funky nails too!! awesome!

  3. The curved fringe really suits you, it's a wee subtle change that makes all the difference! It's not as severe as a straight-across cut, but not drastically different either. Looks super!
    Would you recommend Al-Aishas? It's about 2 seconds from my new flat and my brows are looking monstrous, so...

  4. GOOD hair...also the feather primani necklace looks heavy good. xx

  5. yeeeeees super pretty girl!
    love love love this!

  6. I love the rounded fringe, it looks really nice :) xx

  7. Fringe is a def winner! xx

  8. Love the new fringe! I'm so surprised to see how your hairs won't hold dye -- the PGP still has her as vibrant as when we did it in Aug!


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