Monday, 30 January 2012

Mango Intense Copper

To the left...

And to the right...

...Jump up and down - I've got a new haircut!!

Last Saturday I cashed in my Groupon voucher for a cut and restyle at Ellen Conlin hairdressers in Giffnock. After I decided I was gonna go back to my old bob style, I kept my eyes peeled for a good voucher option. Ellen Conlin has a beautiful salon out the west end of Glasgow which I've passed on many occasions and always thought, "Hmmm, that looks like a good hairdressers". So, when the Groupon deal popped up just after Christmas I couldn't help but check it out. To my delight, she has a sister salon just down the road from me, on the Southside. Twenty quid and just a few stops on the bus. Perfect.

The salon has flat screen TVs at each chair - tres posh! So whilst the lovely Kimberley snipped away, I giggled to a good old episode of The Big Bang Theory - Bazinga!!

I asked for a chin-length, classic bob and showed her the pics of Karen Elson I had on my phone. She was a little apprehensive about cutting my fringe so short and so blunt at the sides. I think it went against all her proper training and instincts. But, overall, I think she did a grand job. What do you think?

I freshened up my colour with L'Oreal Feria Mango Intense Copper. I switched to this colour just before Christmas. Although I ADORE my L'Oreal Majicontrast, it just refuses to hold in my hair. The Feria one is a little darker, but has more staying power. I had planned to return to my trusty old black, but have decided to keep the copper/orange/ginger for a wee while longer.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts about my dad. He's still in hospital, but definitely on the mend. With everything that's been going on recently I completely forgot about my wee blog's 2nd birthday on 24th January-oops! Hope you all had a good weekend x


  1. The orange looks super good on you, wish could keep it forever. The new do looks pretty swish though xx

  2. If I ever change my hair color again (..and I guess I will,....) this is going to be the color I switch to! I'm in love!

  3. Loving the new 'do!
    Sorry to hear about you dad, hope he gets better soon x

  4. Beautiful! I adore your hair, I had a similar style when I was younger but I couldn't pull it off nearly as well as you are now <3

  5. Absolutely gorge! I always pass that hairdressers but never venture in - defo will not! Seriously, I love this doo on yoo xx

  6. AMAZING! I've been having hair adventures too lately - I think we need to meet up soon and talk shop! Plus, I do STILL owe you a lunch! xxx

    1. What was your hair colour before colouring with the l'oreal feria? As I have the mango copper, gonna dye it on tuesday, my natural hair is auburn so wondering how it will turn out x

  7. Hello! My hair was this colour before I dyed it:
    But I reckon it will be lovely over natural auburn hair too x

  8. Your hair looks awesome!!!!


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