Monday, 9 January 2012

Teacake Titillation

It's tea time at work and for the first time in ages I whipped out a cheeky wee Tunnock's Teacake to accompany my builders tea. Within seconds the conversation revolved around which Tunnock's delight each of us preferred. After much uhm-ing and oh-ing the lowly Wafer, Log and Snowball were all usurped by the out and out winner, the humble Teacake. Sweet, but not overly sweet, with a moist biscuity base.

It wasn't long before this photo of nipple tassels popped up on our screens - thanks to DC for the link! The tassels, or 'Teacake Titillation' by Fiona Wilson, were on display at Luke and Jack's Virginia Gallery as part of the group exhibition, TEASE, last Sept/Oct. Uh-mazing! Unfortunately I only had one teacake today. Will bring another tomorrow and we can make our own!

Another gorgeous painting that was due to go on display alongside the tassles was STOLEN before the exhibition even opened! If anyone has any information, please contact the artist directly.


  1. Awesome nipple tassels! Tunnocks Caramel Wafer - FTW!

  2. They are hilarious, i NEED a pair! Tunnocks teacake is my all time fave, can eat a whole box of 6 in one sitting.
    That's awful about the painting, it's a cracker! x

  3. They're amazing! That's terrible that it was stolen, hopefully it'll be found asap. x hivennn

  4. Yumm Tunnock's tea cakes... drool...
    I hope the painting is found. People sometimes suck.


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