Monday, 16 January 2012

Spring/Summer Inspiration

Quiet weekend. Had a duvet day on Saturday and then doddled into town on Sunday afternoon for a spot of lunch at Sloan's Bar before settling down at the cinema to watch 'The Artist'.

I've got to admit, I'm not really a cinema-goer. I hate having people sit behind me, next to me or in front of me. I hate the sickly smell of nacho cheese mixed with hotdogs and more than anything, I hate the noise - the rustling, the chewing and the unnecessarily loud soundtrack. Normally when asked if I want to go see a film I'm only tempted by the promise of popcorn and a nap. However, as I've been obsessing over the 1920s for the past few months, the idea of going to see a silent film set at the end of the era kinda floated my boat.

The film did not disappoint. It looks stunning and the attention to historical detail is beautiful. The actual storyline is a little weak, but to be honest, I wasn't really there for the story. I was there for the cinematography (and the silence!) We have a copy of Pandora's Box at home so I'll be getting stuck into that over the next few weeks as well.

My Spring/Summer is going to be all about drop waist dresses, embellished turbans and t-bar shoes. I'm going to shimmy and shimmer my way through to autumn! Hopefully with the help of ASOS's 21st Century Gatsby trend guide.

Here's a wee photo of me from Sunday. It was icy cold outside, but the sun was streaming through the blinds so I took advantage of it, coupled with my new camera phone (Samsung Galaxy S2), to show off my Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry scarf - a beautiful birthday pressie from Spinal Lou. The headscarf was an attempt to do something - anything - with my overgrown fringe. This time next week I SHOULD be the owner a freshly cut bob. Happy days.


  1. Great pic of you lovely, loving the Gatsby look

    Sleekit x

  2. wowowow you look at your best hun!! this hairstyle really suits you!


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