Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mission Impossible

...Saturday afternoon....
....1500 hours...
.....5 hours since last feeding session....
.....the situation is tense and reaching boiling point...

Emergency averted!
Hotdogs and popcorn all round!

After busying myself tidying the flat and dying my hair on Saturday morning I got itchy feet and wanted to go out and do something. Mr G suggested we go see a film. As I've said before, I'm not really a huge cinema fan. After a bit of debating we settled on Mission Impossible 4 at the IMAX. Not normally my cup of tea, but I can always be tempted by the promise of cinema grub. I skipped lunch in anticipation of a hot dog with mustard AND ketchup, but as you can see for the top photo, I was hank marvin by the time we arrived at the Science Centre complex - not a good look!!

I settled into my seat in the relatively quiet cinema - just the way I like it - and promptly wrapped my laughing gear aound my hotdog. It was gone before the opening credits but luckily I had a tub of popcorn to keep me amused a bit longer. I usually last about 30 mins before I start to complain that I'm too cold and another 15 mins before I'm asleep. And for my IMAX viewing pleasure, I also brought along my earbuds because it's always ridiculously loud and I literally have to cover my ears in pain.

It's normally an impossible mission to keep me awake throughout the entire film, but wee Tom and the utterly fantasic Simon Pegg held my attention right to the very end. In fact, I actaully had my fingers physically crossed as Tom leapt around that building!

I have no right to review films properly as I usually forget what I've just watched about an hour later, but I hereby give Mission Impossible 4 5/5.


  1. ahhaha, the hot dog pic is so cute :p

  2. ahahah I usually act exactly like you at cinemas...but this story about "you and Tom" gives me hope because I will have free tickets to go to see that movie and I really hope I won't fall asleep :)
    cute color and cut btw

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  4. Chantal Thomass ??? ;)



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