Sunday, 28 March 2010

Black Is The New Black

Since being able to choose my own music and dress as I please, the colour, or non-colour, BLACK has featured heavily in my wardrobe. I keep a box of Dylon in the cupboard at all times - just in case!
I've been a fan of the Comme des Garcons/Antwerp Six deconstruction since the early 90s, but my interest in fashion as more than 'cool clothes that cool bands wear' didn't really ignite until Gareth Pugh's degree show. Until then, I was beginning to feel as though wearing all black defined me as a 'goth', a label I was keen to drop as more and more 'emo kids' and 'teeny goths' started popping up all over the scene.Well, with more and more black skulking down the runway, I feel vindicated and wear black from head to toe on a regular basis! Imagine how excited I was when I read about the new exhibition at Antwerp's MoMu on Diane's Shaded View of Fashion:

"BLACK: Masters of Black in Fashion & Costume"

The history of black as a non-colour used to express feelings of mourning through to it's current association as chic, is explored through paintings, historical costumes, jewellery and of course, contemporary design. On display are garments designed by Ann Demeulemeester, Olivier Theyskens, Dirk Van Saene, Givenchy (Riccardo Tisci), Chanel, Gareth Pugh and more. The exhibition runs from 25th March - 8th August. A wee weekend in Belgium wouldn't go amiss this summer!

Givenchy couture dress designed by Riccardo Tisci. Photo by Frederik Vercruysse.

Ann Demeulemeester. Photo by Frederik Vercruysse.

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