Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Go Green For Spring

You know spring has finally arrived in Scotland because the wind picks up and it starts to rain.

Not all the time, so you never know whether to leave your leather jacket in the house or wear a mac. Nor is it still cold enough to wrap up warm and wear hats n scarves n gloves. Instead, heavy showers pelt down from the sky with little warning. The wind doesn't blow from the north, the south or the west, no - it blows up, down and all round about so your brolly is knackered before you even leave the front porch.

Hence the need for a light-weight, showerproof coat (that covers your bum) with a hood. I'm hardly an 'anorak' kinda gal, so the hunt is on for this year's 'spring coat'. I bring you: "The Parka"!
Yes, I can hear many a scream as we all remember Liam Gallagher and co trying to reinvent the "mod", but I'm thinking more "army jacket" - Travis Bickle or Trent Reznor...

Vanilla Scented from Chicotopia is rocking exactly the sort of coat I'm after - pity it's vintage...
I'll be scouring the vintage shops in the west end this weekend, but please keep an eye out for me!

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