Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dusk... And Her Embrace

I remember back to a time when I still lived at home, went to school, had my mum do my washing etc. Way back then, my mum aslo helped me to sew together my very first black velvet cloak - you know the type - all witchy and goblin like. I was going to my very first Cradle of Filth gig and could not be seen without the proper attire. Needless to say my taste in gothic clothing (and music!) has some what matured over the years. I still cling to black eyeliner and lace like someone might pour water on me any second and I'll melt, but long gone are the hooded cloaks and black lipstick... or are they?

Recently I've found myself drawn to any garment with a huge, snuggly, 'hide me from the world hood', like Oak's grey hooded poncho. It even has a kangaroo pocket in the front for my iphone!

This one's a beauty. Does anyone know who the designer is?

I blame Gareth Pugh!

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